Video: Line rider game addictive

updated 10/23/2006 9:12:59 PM ET 2006-10-24T01:12:59

A line, a little guy on a sled, and a flying scarf add up to one of the most addictive time-wasters on the web.

Line rider has only been around for a month--but already some people with too much time on their hands have found a way to send the little sledding dude on some pretty impressive adventures. 

Now, this got us thinking here at "the most."  None of us here have managed to do much with line rider, but we believe you, our viewers, can do better.

So here is our challenge -- make your own line rider on a sledding adventure incorporating "The Most" in some way. 

Send your best creations to, and we’ll show our favorites on “The Most with Alison Stewart.”


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