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A vote for change: That was the overriding theme in posts to message boards on Tuesday's election. There also was plenty of love and hate for Democrats and Republicans alike. Below is a sampling of what readers had to say.

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"I voted Democrat, with a heavy heart. My husband voted Democrat for the first time in his life. It was very hard for him. It is hard to have to set aside our own beliefs in order to help this country heal. Maybe it will help the Republican party realize that they need to go back to the conservative ways that Republicans used to stand up for."
-- Worried at Home

"I will not vote for the Democrats in any way shape or form simply as they are the party of inaction. The only thing I have seen them do is to knock whatever Republican strategy is in place, lie about it and spin it to their own advantage. Until I see a real leader emerge from that pile who actually tries to unite the people of this country, then the Democrats will remain a farce. The way that Joe Leiberman was stabbed in the back by his own party is disgusting. The Democrats are truly out of touch with the average American today."
-- JOber

"Voted Democrat, for schools, AGAINST Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and most importantly checked for any hanging chads."
-- AmyEN

"I will support the Republicans and their views on the war because I don't want us to have to go back there again in 6-8 years. Let's get it done now!"
-- maxbuck

"Democratic ticket for the first time in my life. Something's gotta change."
-- WorriedInCa

"I voted for anyone that is not currently in office. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS."
-- Blackbird71R

"Floridians have spoken, if you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always gotten. No vote for change, continue with poor Florida education and higher property taxes and insurance."
-- AJ, Tampa

"I'm so happy at the early results of this race that I practically have tears in my eyes.  Twelve years of (Sen.) Santorum Sermonizing, OVER! Hurray!
-- Thrilled in Philly

"I used to be a die hard Republican until last year. Now I vote for whichever party will deliver us out of his craptastic chaos we're in. I'm not a lemming, I'm not brainwashed, I vote for who will get the job done."
-- Trish, Dayton, Ohio

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