Video: I smell a dance fight

By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 11/17/2006 10:43:33 AM ET 2006-11-17T15:43:33

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Thursday, Nov. 16 he had this to say:

Emmitt's fancy footwork
We have a 2006 “Dancing with the Stars” champion. It’s a guy who used to wear a star—on his head. Emmitt Smith, National Football League all-time leading rusher, Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys, beat out a guy whose greatest feat was being friends with Screech. 

Smith and Mario Lopez were tied, after the judges gave each competitor equal marks on their final dances. That meant it was up to the people to decide.  And decide, they did. Smith, who did kind of rely on footwork just a little bit during 18 seasons as a college and pro running back, took the crown, saying of his effort, “We worked our tails off.”

Lopez played the sore loser, saying, "I guess world-class dancing just isn’t enough."

I smell a dance fight. 

GQ gets the evil eye
And, if this wasn’t already clear, it will be now. All of humanity divides into two separate categories, those people who have been banned by Bill O’Reilly, and those who will be banned by him—the latest to get the evil eye, “GQ” magazine, which Bill-O has now added to his don’t buy/don’t advertise list, even though he won’t explain why, beyond this typically cryptic advisory.

“The new editor is marketing the magazine largely to left—far-left Americans, and feels the need to smear me and FOX News Channel.  It is pathetic, unprofessional.  And Conde Nast should be ashamed.”

Condi owns “GQ” magazine? The Secretary of State? 

Oh, Conde Nast, the publisher. Sorry. 

In its new issue, “GQ” has, for some reason, included me among its men of the year. 

In a rather lengthy article, I’m quoted briefly—very briefly—about Bill-O and his loofah and his falafel: “He’s my Puff the Magic Dragon.  It’s time to let him go.  But I am grateful to him, because, without his total lack of self-control, we never could have vaulted to where we are now.”

For that, he thinks the publisher should be ashamed?  You want shame, check last night’s ratings.  Viewers 25-54, between 8:45 and 9:00 ET last night: COUNTDOWN, 326,000, “The ‘Oh, Really?’ Factor,” 324,000.

For the whole hour, we did 70 percent of his business.  And poor Bill only finished second on his own network for the night.  Sorry. 

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