updated 11/24/2006 10:11:31 PM ET 2006-11-25T03:11:31

MacBook and iMac  

Those who buck the Windows way will find a lot to love about two of Apple’s latest computers.

The MacBook features a glassy widescreen display that’s good for working with many windows and watching DVD movies — though the built-in speakers are a bit weak, so plugging in external speakers boost the sound. The bigger, desk-bound iMac I tested features a huge 24” display.

An included remote control navigates the bundled Front Row program to browse and play your music and videos, and to control slideshows of pictures you’ve stored on the hard disk.

Lastly, both models include built-in wireless networking to tap into your home network, Bluetooth, for staying in sync with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, an built-in iSight cameras to video chat with fellow Mac friends or cam-equipped Windows folks running AOL Instant Messenger. Who says we can’t all just get along?

— Joe Hutsko


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