updated 11/24/2006 10:10:49 PM ET 2006-11-25T03:10:49

Palm Treo 680

Aiming to appeal to a wider audience, Palm’s newest Treo loses the ugly antenna of former models and now comes in colors.

The super bright screen is big enough to display your day to day agenda, list of contacts, notes and to-do items — all of which stay in perfect sync with the same info on your Mac or PC, thanks to the HotSync feature. That means no thumb-numbing typing in of all of your contacts.

Though even if you had to, the Treo’s mini but full keyboard is a dream to type on for e-mails and text messages when compared an ordinary cell phone.

What’s more, add-on applications like Avantgo.com and Vindigo.com mean you can sync up the latest new and city information via your PC or Mac before you leave the house for the day, saving from having to use air-minutes for expensive data charges. Check the company’s Web site for supported carriers.

— Joe Hutsko


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