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By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 11/28/2006 11:04:49 AM ET 2006-11-28T16:04:49

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Monday, Nov. 27 he said this:

D-list cops
The good people of Muncie, Indiana are about to get a taste of the D list on their police force.  As part of a new reality show, celebrities will train as reserve police officers, then go out on real calls with the regular cops.  Run away.  They’ll even be supplied with guns.  This will go well.  Ask Shaquille O’Neal. 

Among the officers in training: Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy, Latoya Jackson, sister of Michael, and Erica Estrada.  Mr. Estrada was apparently given the impression that he will get credit for the California Highway Patrol.  That gives him a professional advantage over the other contestants.  Actually, I made the last part up. 

Pamela Anderson's poetry
Great news tonight for Borat.  After three different weddings, Pamela Anderson is divorcing her husband of less than four months.  Apparently that is the length of time it takes to form irreconcilable differences.  Anderson, summing up here marriage woes on her website with an almost Haiku like announcement: "Divorce, yes it’s true, unfortunately impossible." 

Kid Rock and Ms. Anderson were engaged four years ago, then broke up, then spent their summer getting married, first in France in July, then in Beverly Hills at the beginning of August, then again in Nashville.  The quick turn around between marriages, plural, and divorce, definitely surprising at least one publication today, this month’s issue of GQ Magazine, the same one that includes the Men of the Year, including me, named Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock the newlyweds of the year.  You won’t see them at the dinner Wednesday night. 

King K-Fed
Speaking of divorcing couples, getting dumped by Britney Spears has not hurt Kevin Federline’s ego.  He has now decided the only reason people dislike him, well not because of him or his work, but because of who he married. 

He’s espoused this new theory on stage at the Hollywood House of Blues, in response to the question posed by a member of his posse, "Why does American hate you?"

Mr. Federline replied, "Maybe because I took their queen.  I am America’s most hated."

America’s queen, you mean Char Jackson?

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