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Now that a bipartisan commission has called the situation in Iraq “grave and deteriorating,” and the incoming Defense Secretary has said the United States is not winning the war, the nation is turning its eyes to an embattled President Bush. What will the commander in chief do?

“I don’t know what the president will do,” former Secretary of State James Baker told Brian Williams of NBC News after the release of a report by the Iraq Study Group, which Baker co-chaired. “But I do know this. I know the president is conflicted by the situation there. I know the president would like to approach this in a bipartisan way and in a manner that would have the support of the American people.”

You didn’t need to be a Washington insider to wonder about Bush’s next move. Writers at, an issues-based community, had their own thoughts on the topic:

  • “If he does make any changes to the plan, he will not present them as changes. This president has made his resolve the focus point of his national image, which constrains his ability to respond to changing conditions. He’s going to have a hard time presenting any new moves as ‘Staying the course,’ but that’s what I expect he’ll do.” Ian Broverman.
  • “To be brutally honest, I don’t think he even knows what he’s going to do at this point. As a Republican, I am extremely disappointed in his performance thus far.” Anne Marie Curling.
  • “There is virtually no way for him to follow the recommendations without admitting he has been a bad decider …. He will follow some of the recommendations, but tweak them to save face.” MikeKeyy.
  • “I predict Bush will be guided by (incoming Secretary of Defense Robert) Gates and the report. He is not stupid and has an opportunity to finish well, and I think he will make the attempt.” Dreamer.
  • “I think Bush should be Bush. He needs to continue solidifying his foreign policy doctrine of ‘You’re either with us, or with the terrorists.’’’ Civilservant.

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