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Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, basking in a frenzy of speculation about his presidential prospects during a weekend trip to New Hampshire, pronounced himself “suspicious of hype.” He’s not the only one.

While the Democrat said he would not be driven into the 2008 race “simply because of the opportunity,” his presidential flirtation raised hopes and doubts at the issues-based community,

  • “Barack Obama represents the hope, heart and intelligence that many Americans have been longing for in our government,” wrote “valkaryn” of Calabasas, Calif.
  • “I fear what Karl Rove and his ilk will do to Obama once he becomes a serious candidate,” wrote “HariSelden.”
  • “The guy’s a bit green, but I’ve seen him give speeches and I’ve seen him handle some tough interviews. Obama can think on his feet and seems to be genuinely aware of what he’s about and what kind of leadership America needs,” wrote “OddjobXL,” a printer in Richmond, Va.
  • “How much do we really know about his various positions before jumping on this bandwagon?” Now that he is out there he has no choice but to go for it,” wrote “ctbob.”
  • “In some ways, being a junior senator, he doesn’t have the ‘liability’ of a long voting record like some other candidates. He’s perfectly positioned to launch a campaign that is truly forward looking,” wrote “Attitudegrrrl.”
  • “Well, Obama is too much of a rookie, but it will be fun to watch. By the way, if you do some research on Obama you will see he is way more left wing than he appears,” wrote “ptif219.”
  • “Experience counts, but ability can overcome experience. Leadership ability will allow someone to surround themselves with capable people without being snowed by them,” wrote “rjr62.”

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