IMAGE: Tree crashed into house
Submitted by Ken Ream
"Our neighbors five homes away were dealt an almost deadly blow," wrote Ken Ream of Keizer, Ore. "I thank the Lord they got out safely."
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A deadly windstorm toppled trees and flooded roads across Washington and Oregon on Thursday and Friday. Readers from across the Pacific Northwest shared their stories and pictures of the damage:

Windswept street in downtown Seattle
Submitted by Aaron Blank
"I left work at 4:45 PM on Thursday, December 14 with little awareness of what I was stepping into, literally. Swirling winds, 3.5" inch lakes in major downtown intersections, heavy rain, and snarling traffic. By chance, I had my camera with me and decided, on my way to the car, to stop two blocks away from my office and capture this moment. This photo is what I witnessed at the intersection of Howell and 9th Avenue in downtown Seattle just at the height of rush hour traffic, and the start of the Seahawks game."
tree cuts home in half
Submitted by Jeff Copeland
Tree cuts this Tenino, Wash., home in half.
branches lie strewn on the side of a road in Newport Hills, Wash.
Submitted by Kevin Tighe
Kevin Tighe sent this picture of the street in front of his home in Newport Hills, Wash., a suburb 15 miles east of Seattle. "Still no power or Internet," he wrote, "gotta love wireless and generators!"
trees crush cars in Seattle
Submitted by Kerrigan Swan
"This is right next to my apartment complex at 15th and Madison St., Capitol Hill, Seattle," wrote Kerrigan Swan. "The first tree went down around 1:00am this morning, and the second went down about 20 minutes later. SIX cars were crushed by a single tree alone!"

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