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Don't be too quick to coronate Hillary Rodham Clinton...

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These rankings are ordered by likelihood of winning the Democratic Party primary and are based on a number of factors, including organization, money, buzz and polling.


1. (tie)    Hillary Clinton
New York senator  Last Ranking: 1  
Don't put away those shovels -- just dig her out. We write as the political world tries to figure out precisely how Clinton pulled off this upset. Now, her biggest immediate problem -- low cash reserves -- will probably be solved by the end of the week. She has the luxury of being able to downplay Nevada and South Carolina if she wishes. There are many pitfalls ahead -- she has the same set of problems coming out of New Hampshire that she had going in, but it now seems they can be overcome. She still lacks a clear, concise message or rationale, she still has her husband playing an outsized role, and she has staffers who are now distrustful of each other. And now she has perceived electability issues; she won New Hampshire, but Obama is still seen as more electable.

1. (tie)    Barack Obama
Illinois senator  Last Ranking: 2
Obama still has money and message on his side. He has hurdles, though: handling the perceived "Bradley effect," which some are blaming for his New Hampshire loss; proving experience -- or at least presidential competence; and reaching out to Democratic professional women. He has the advantage in Nevada and South Carolina, and he probably needs to win both. The "indie" factor favors him for the Feb. 5 states.

3.    John Edwards
Former North Carolina senator  Last Ranking: 3  
Does he really want to be the white guy, playing the white candidate?

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