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“My fellow Americans, the state of our union is so-so.”

Ok, you’re not going to hear President Bush utter that sentence in tonight’s State of the Union address. It’s his speech. But suppose Americans were allowed to go online and put a paragraph or two in the president’s mouth?

There’s no telling what he would say. Here’s a sample of what writers at had in mind for the president:

  • “I would love for Bush to announce that he is going to open negotiations with Iran and Syria,” wrote a HOTSOUP community member who goes by the username “emersonsoul.”
  • “I would like to hear a short and sweet ‘Forgive me countrymen, I screwed up big time.’ Cap it off with a ‘I resign,’ and I would find respect for the man,” wrote “Tellurider.”
  • “I just wish I could hear a short, convincing speech from the Bush, governor of Texas, (who) supposedly built such wonderful bipartisan relations in Texas and got so much done in that state.  Frankly, he might have run as a consensus builder, but I’ve yet to see one moment of it,” wrote “ezwriter.”
  • A writer named Vincent said he’s like to hear Bush say “that the Israel-Palestine issue was his top priority and that his major objective is to bring peace and stability to that region.”
  • “I would like to hear that we are putting pressure on Europe to become more involved, as opposed to sitting back and criticizing everything we do. I would like to hear a challenge to them to get involved beyond pitiful negotiations with Iran,” wrote “rjr62.” “Europe has far more at stake in the issues that currently confront the world than we do. When are they going to stand up and accept that responsibility to their own citizens? President Bush needs to ask that question publicly.”
  • “Chenrossii wants to hear about a U.S. energy policy to reduce dependence on foreign oil, promote nuclear energy and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Richard Loutzen hopes to hear a firm push for immigration reform and improvements of the president’s landmark No Child Left Behind legislation.
  • A writer named “bing” noted that Bush has signaled that he will propose a new tax deduction for individuals who purchase their own health insurance. “What I'd like to see is a tax credit rather than a new deduction,” he said.
  • “I would like to hear something, anything I can believe,” wrote “Oldie.”

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