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A non-binding resolution declaring President Bush’s troop increase plan against “the national interest” is stirring debate among pro- and anti-war voters, with neither side sure of its impact.

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A day after Bush stood before Congress and asked for the benefit of the doubt, the Democratic-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent its rebuke to the Senate floor on a 12-9 vote, with just one Republican senator in support – Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb.

“I think it is intellectually dishonest of liberals to refer to Hagel's positions as being generically Republican – as in, ‘even Republicans are turning against the president.’  Hagel has been out of step with the administration for years,” wrote “civilservant,” a conservative voice at  “The Democrats wanted a piece of the action in Iraq, and now they have it.  Let's see what good it does them or the country.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Republicans turn on their own,” replied “Mikekeey” another regular at the issues-based online community.  “If you’re not in lock step with the administration, then you never really were a real Republican. I thought Hagel has been putting politics aside to help the troops he cares about.”

“Once again, this means nothing,” fired back “ptif219.” It just shows the (Democrats) and Hagel are for cut-and-run, retreat-and-defeat. This is a plan for surrender, not victory.”

A community member who goes by the username “ezwriter” said he feared that Republicans will make political hay out of this and other congressional resolutions. “This is the first in a series of shots across the bow of the Bush administration.  Reading (Bush’s) behavior for the past six years, (do you) expect this vote to change his mind?  No.  So, we will see a series of escalating votes and resolutions aimed at getting his attention.”

“This was mainly a political move … to make the Senators stand up and be counted on what they believe,” wrote “denno.”

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