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MySpace to let online companies 'plug' services
Rival Facebook unveiled a similar step last month
Veoh jumps into user-generated video field
Free downloadable program will display streaming video full screen
Auction site wants you to Buy It Now ... on eBay
Pair started rival business to protest high fees, so far reserve not met
Winter Tech gadget guide
Seven steps to better e-mail management
Whip your in-box into shape with these helpful hints
Web cam watches students taking tests online
Educators look to curb cheating; gadget records 360-degree video, audio
Four technologies for growing your business
Network-based technologies can help small businesses achieve goals
Tech solutions to keep customers happy
Business success is about holding onto customers — technology can help
Use the Web to find a race — and train for it
Locate the perfect event and get a personalized fitness program, too
Wrist-mounted GPS offers real-time training
Garmin Forerunner 305 packs a dizzying array of features
Marathons embrace fan-friendly tech
Real-time race updates add space-age twist to ancient event
Nike + iPod: Be all that iCan be?
Device allows you to chart stats, track progress and compare runs
Winter tech survival tips
If you're headed out in the winter, it's wise to pack some survival items
Keep warm with high-tech workout gear
Chris Freyteg of Prevention magazine shows how to layer the latest clothes for cold-weather exercise
Oregon Scientific Helmet Camera
Strap it onto your helmet or your mountain bike’s handlebars and hit record
Bose in-ear headphones
Winter runners and riders will like soft silicon tips that plug in to your ears
Audex PTT AK 40L Pack two-way radios
Ergonomic harness makes for more comfortable hauling
Giro Omen Helmet with TuneUps Wireless
Bluetooth technology lets you to hit the slopes with your iPod sans wires
JetBoil Java Kit
Easy to stow and set up, the hot cooker holds 1 liter of stuff
Burton Headphone Beanies
Burton built phones into earflaps of their line of stylish beanies
AltiPower Advanced Altitude Training Kit
Using device involves hypoxic, then ambient, air at five minute intervals
Motion Lingo Adeo GPS Fitness Trainer
Trainer audibly reports distance, pace, speed, calories burned and elevation
Oakley Thump 2 MP3 Sunglasses
High-impact, UV-filtering specs have 1GB flash drives and hold 280 songs
Space Emergency Bag
Weighing only three ounces, the bag unfolds to 7-feet long and 3-feet wide
Belkin SportCommand
Device allows you to pack your iPod safely inside your coat or backpack

Five spring sports gadgets
Whether you’re lacing up and running laps or mounting your bike for the road less traveled, these cool spring sports tech gadgets promise good times for your get-fit activities.
Turn your iPod into a personal trainer
Tuck the wireless sensor into your running shoe — or attach to non-Nike's with some Velcro patches — plug the receiver into your iPod nano, choose your workout and playlist, then get running.
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