updated 1/29/2007 7:21:56 PM ET 2007-01-30T00:21:56

Giro Omen Helmet with TuneUps Wireless

Though purists in any fast-moving activity — cycling, motorbiking, skateboarding — pooh-pooh helmets as uncool, smart sportsters protect their noggins with a tough strap-on shell.

Taking the prize for this year’s hottest for snowboarding and skiing heads is Giro’s Omen Helmet with optional TuneUps wireless headphones.

First, two super slick convenience features you’ll appreciate when hitting the slopes: A flick of a slider on top opens or closes the fourteen vents positioned all around, and a twist of the dial around back is all it takes to quick-adjust the fit to match your current hairstyle, be it buzzcut or bunched up piled inside.

Thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology, the stereo TuneUps means adios to wrestling with annoying cables as you carve to your iPod’s beat.

—Joe Hutsko


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