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So far, the 2008 presidential election is not inspiring the imagination.

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At least that’s the case at, a community of politically-minded Americans who were asked by one of their own – a community member named “debateboy118” -- to identify their dream pick for the presidency “regardless (of whether) they are a candidate or not.” 

Surprisingly, most folks stuck with the current field of Republican and Democratic candidates.

“I would like to see Russ Feingold run for president,” wrote “emersonssoul.” “But I like Joe Biden, and (Barack) Obama.”

“I would vote for George W. Bush to finish out his term,” wrote “civilservant.”  “And Rudy Giuliani to succeed him.”

“McCain is the only adult in the room full of presidential candidates,” wrote “nh-dem2.” “I'm not a conservative when it comes to domestic and many foreign affairs, but he's the only person capable of handling the Middle East.”

“Pennycrosswriting” disagreed: “If you want four more years of Bush foreign policy then vote for McCain because if he's elected he will be an exact carbon-copy of Bush. Nothing will change.”

But there were some writers who looked outside the current field for inspiration. They included:

  • Chenrossii: “I won't vote for anyone who voted to allow the president to go to war in Iraq. “
  • Baronesskate: “Al Gore … Oscar. Nobel Peace Prize. Presidency. Trifecta.”
  • DrRenShen: “I would vote for the most qualified person to defend our nation, and lead us into the 21st century, which believe it or not is myself.”
  • Traveler1951: “Yeah, I think I'd make a good president, too. But somehow, I think maybe Rudy may be a better choice.”

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