Video: Michael Jackson on 'Idol'?

By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 2/14/2007 11:41:25 AM ET 2007-02-14T16:41:25

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Keeping Tabs begins with the gossip that a guest participating in a theme week on “American “Idol will be Michael Jackson. I don’t want to know what the theme is. Jackson has reportedly met with show creator Simon Fuller to help retrieve his career from its place in a metaphorical Bahrain, but the Website thinks those meetings could be talks to have Jackson appear on "Idol."

The report cites several other clues that a Jackson cameo is in the works, and that the King of Pop might mentor the impressionable young talent on the show. Here we go. 

And 10 years later, there are new developments in the task to retrieve the $40 million O.J. Simpson owes the family Ronald Goldman. The Goldmans have sent subpoenas to the Screen Actors Guild, the Producers Guild of America and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for Simpson’s pay stubs. They want to know how much Simpson got for his film and TV appearances. They want to see the residual checks. 

The Goldman’s attorney said, “We’ve all seen Naked Gun repeatedly on cable. Each time its shown again, his residuals ad up. This is a matter of turning every stone.” 

Earlier this month the Goldmans got a restraining order against Simpson, stating he could not spend the $675,000 he had received as an advance for the unpublished tell-all book, “If I Did It.”  Simpson said he did spend it and all in one place, no less. 


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