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By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 2/15/2007 11:07:15 AM ET 2007-02-15T16:07:15

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After eight years of saying and repeatedly vowing that he would never get married again, the King of all media is getting married again. Stern announcing on his radio show this morning that he proposed last night as a Valentine’s Day gift to his long time girlfriend, former model Beth Ostrosky, complete with a 5.2 carat diamond ring, but Stern warned fans not to expect a wedding any time soon, that they want a very long engagement and no children, unless, I suppose, a very good pay-per-view deal comes his way. 

And my finely tuned PT Barnum sense tells me this is a publicity stunt, but it’s a good one.  Yes, I promise, this will be the last baseball card reference for a while, but look at the brand new 2007 Tops card of Derek Jeter of the Yankees. You see the guy behind him in the dugout, the guy on the left, with the bat on his shoulder, it’s the late Yankee immortal Mickey Mantle, who died a few months after Jeter’s first big league game.

But wait, there’s more, in the crowd, to Jeter’s right, the fellow in the suit waving to everybody and blocking the view of everybody in those nice 135 dollar seats, looking like he doesn’t know where his seat went, President Bush. The Topps spokesman jokes the president must have been at the game that day.  Just for the record, the Photo-shopping did not put Waldo anywhere in the background and most importantly, if Mickey Mantle was in uniform for the Yankees last year, why in the hell didn’t they DH him in the playoffs against Detroit? 

It was a reality show blood bath on “American Idol.” Paula Abdul says she has never been drunk. Wait until Michael Jackson joins the show, if he does. Maria Milito handles all our Idol headlines.


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