Feb. 19, 2007 | 4:00 p.m. ET

Murtha's plan: Not particularly honorable
(Tucker Carlson)

Congressman Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania has privately announced a new tactic to end the war. Murtha, who chairs the committee in charge of the Pentagon budget, says he plans attach so many conditions to the upcoming emergency war funding bill that the military simply won't be able to send more troops to Iraq. Even better, Republicans won't be able to accuse him of de-funding the troops, since technically he won't be.

Pretty tricky. Too tricky, actually. If Murtha thinks the war is a disaster than cannot be won, fine. De-fund it, and face the political consequences. But to go halfway -- blocking reinforcements while allowing more than 100,000 troops to remain in the war zone -- doesn't make logical sense, and isn't particularly honorable.


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