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updated 2/23/2007 2:47:28 PM ET 2007-02-23T19:47:28

And just when you thought all news coming out of Florida was wild ...

Faith, a famous two-legged dog, was mistakenly put on a wrong flight by American Airlines and lost for several hours.

When owner Jude Stringfellow went to pick up her dog after arriving in Orlando from Oklahoma City, Faith was nowhere to be found.

Though nervous and upset, Stringfellow never lost, well, faith.

“The whole concept behind my dog is faith and I named her Faith. And I can't give up hope or give up faith,” Stringfellow said.

According to Faith's Web site, the dog wasn't correctly boarded after a stop in Dallas. Unfortunately, due to a computer glitch, Stringfellow was asked to take the airline's word that the dog was, indeed, on the flight. It wasn't until Stringfellow landed in Orlando that she learned of the mistake.

An American Airlines spokesperson says the carrier is investigating the mishap.

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