updated 3/8/2007 2:57:06 PM ET 2007-03-08T19:57:06

Disc jockey Sam Allred, who appears on KVET in Austin, Texas, has been suspended for referring to presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as a “clean darky” on the air, sources report.

Last Thursday, Allred and his co-host, Bob Cole, were apparently referring to the comment made by Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) in January describing Obama as "clean." Then Allred added, “Clean darky.” Cole immediately responded “Sammy!” and the show cut to a commercial.

When the jocks returned, Allred commented, "See, I was making fun of politicians who say things like that." 

The NAACP clearly saw the comments differently, and told the station, "That kind of ignorance has no place in this country in 2007."

Allred, meanwhile, has refused to apologize, claiming that he was exercising his right to free speech. He said, "It's called the First Amendment, and you get the right to say anything."  

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