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Engel: ‘I’ve seen so many ugly things’
'I have so many memories I am not sure people are equipped to deal with,' says NBC correspondent Richard Engel, on his five years covering the war
Fundamental failures led to current crisis
Basic tenets were ignored by our military leaders in Iraq; the results, says MSNBC military analyst Col. Jack Jacobs, are painful.
Video interactive: Do you remember?
"Shock and awe." "The deck of cards." "Embeds." During Iraq invasion, these and other previously unfamiliar words were on everyone’s tongues. Take a look back at the events and images headed to the history books.

  The children  
  Iraq’s most vulnerable victims
  Video: Heart to heart
A little girl from Iraq has a story that is truly from the heart.
  Video: Children of war
UNICEF released an annual report on the state of the world's children. NBC's Richard Engel provides a look at how children in Iraq are coping with the effects of violence and poverty.
The smallest casualties
Thousands of children have been orphaned in Iraq. Richard Engel reported from one orphanage for ‘Dateline NBC’ in September 2006.
AP file
The stress of war
NBC’s Babak Behnam reports on a little boy and how war has affected him.
Video: In the crossfire
A 5-year-old girl is saved by the compassion of military and civilian volunteers.
Video: The captain’s story
Capt. Brian Freeman was killed in Iraq, but not before saving an 11-year-old boy.
Video: Saving one baby
U.S. soldiers bring an 8-month-old girl to America for emergency treatment.
Video: A gift of life
Four Iraqi children are saved by surgery in the United States. From WNBC-TV.
Jessica Lynch
Where is Jessica Lynch now?
Whatever happened to the rescued soldier? Teen journalist Farris Hassan? Others? Find out! Click "Launch" to view.
‘War Zone Diary 2008’
'I can't keep this up much longer'
In Part 1 of War Zone Diary 2008, NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel explains why he chose to document his experience in Iraq, both on air and in a video journal.
Chaos, anarchy, and key moments of the war
In Part 2 of War Zone Diary 2008, NBC's Richard Engel recalls the days following Saddam Hussein's capture in 2003.
The Iraq war that's not on television
In Part 3 of War Diary 2008, NBC's Richard Engel gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it's really like for U.S. soldiers — a far cry from the lives they left at home.
’Incredible risk’ for Iraqi reporters
In Part 4 of War Zone Diary 2008, NBC's Richard Engel explains the dangers he and his peers face when reporting from Iraq.
'I got very lucky today'
In Part 5 of War Zone Diary 2008, NBC's Richard Engel reflects on the stress of reporting, living and fighting in an active war zone.
'Scars of this conflict will not heal'
In Part 6 of War Zone Diary 2008, NBC's Richard Engel examines some of the moments that stand out from his time covering the war in Iraq.
Audio slide show
Wounded Marine Returns Home to Wed
Scars from Iraq
Three U.S. soldiers tell how the visible and invisible wounds of war changed their lives and impacted their loved ones.
Invasion Iraq: Day by day
In maps and stories, how the coalition defeated Saddam
Slide show
  Cartoon gallery
Iraq War in review
Slide show
Day by day, a four-week war
From the first blasts in Baghdad to the U.S. military’s declaration that major combat was over, see images from every day of the conflict.

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