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Videos: Excerpts from the show  
The Bragalones
Emily Bragalone is married to a diehard Cowboys fan. On hidden camera during a game, she asks her husband to do some chores— like check on a broken alarm and to take out the trash.
The Rice family
Heidi Rice of Colorado is a wife of a life-long Greenbay Packers fan. Watch how Paul interacts with her during a game— and how he takes to interruptions.

"When we joined with a brave group of wives to put hidden cameras in their living rooms and catch their unknowing husbands on tape, we had no idea WHAT we were going to get. Maybe this is just my girl-perspective, but to me the results show what is so annoying and endearing about the American Male."

All across the country millions of innocent wives are caught in a love triangle, battling for their husband's attention with the players of their favorite sports teams.

Now, in a Dateline hidden camera challenge, the wives are fighting back by catching their unknowing husbands on videotape while they watch a game. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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