Submitted by Laura Bevan
Meghan is a Collie mix (not sure what, but she is huge, so I say "Dinosaur". She is more beautiful than any "pure-bred" collie. Coldino Dincollie Dollie
Submitted by Harley Carlton
This is my dog, Xia that I adopted from a pound when she was 6 months old. She is now 6 years. She is a daschund pekingnese mix so I would say she should be a pekihound or a daschnese. Either way we love her and she does get loads of attention
Submitted by Marisa Falbo
Cocoa coming in from a walk on cold Sunday, wearing his fleece jacket.
Submitted by Anonymous
Rynna - Great White Mutt
Submitted by Meredith Krantz
This is Micky, my FoundChowLab, rescue dog. His behavior is wonderful, mellow like a Newfoundland but friendly like a lab, with a spotted Chow Chow tongue. He is so beautiful people are always shocked when I tell them he's a mystery mutt! You can find the best mannered, healthiest pets at your local shelter. Viva mutts!
Submitted by Mark Laing
My Chilin, Habanero.
Submitted by Howard schneider
This is Wolfie. He is 4 years old now but was only a puppy in this picture. He is a Peke-A-Poo which is a mixture of a Pekenese and a Poodle.
Submitted by Lindsey Papa
This is Sebby, our Porgiweeniewahwah (Pomaranian, Corgi, Dachshund, Chihuaha). He came from a shelter.
Submitted by Kristie Spalding
Abby is a friendly, loving and devoted Aussie Mix. She spent most of her life on a ranch in the middle of nowhere until recently. We adopted her and she moved in with my hisband and I in a condo in San Diego, CA. She's adjusted well and now lives peacefully with us and our two cats. She's the most gentle little girl in the whole world and her "designer dog" name should be the Australian Sweety.
Submitted by Anonymous
These are our two new puppies, Balder and Mimir. Their mom was a husky and their deadbeat dad was "probably a lab." We could either call them Labskies or Huskadors. Either way, we call them CUTE!
Submitted by Huan Vu
This is Millie; we got her from our local animal shelter. We think Millie is mostly Golden Retriever, some German Sheppard and all mischievous. We refer to her as our Golden Mutt.
Submitted by Dianne Whitworth
This is Daisy my lovable Speagle (Springer Spaniel/ Beagle cross).As you can see in her picture she loves the water and her Speagle board.
Submitted by Anonymous
Macy is a Boxer/Labrador that we rescued from a shelter. She is really, really energentic and very lovable. At night, she loves to climb up onto the couch with me and literally lay in my lap to snuggle. She's the classic 50 pound lap dog. The "designer dog" name I'd give her is a Laboxador.
Submitted by Gary Hall
This is Danzig, my daughter's dog. Rescued off the street as a puppy, he appears to be a bull boxer, or bulloxer. This is a cross between a boxer and pitbull or staffordshire terrier. He is very social, friendly, and playful. Loves to play with his feet like a boxer and will chase a ball 24 hours a day if allowed.
Submitted by Bonnie Siner
Molly is an 11-year-old Yorkie mix. We were told that the other 1/2 might be Jack Russell Terrier. She weighs about 25 pounds. The vet affectionately calls her a "Giant Yorkie." As for a name, how about a Yorkier!
Submitted by Miya Zoey Lawson
This is Roxy. She is a Chuggle. Her mother is a long-haired Chihuahua, and her father is a Puggle (Pug/Beagle)
Submitted by Sandy Williams
I believe that my dog, Gibb, is an American Eskimo/Fox Terrier mix. His designer name should be Foxy American.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Boomer. She's part Cocker Spaniel and part lab, supposedly. We'll call her a Cockatiever! She's 12 years old.
Submitted by Gary Welsh
Sam is a playful mixed breed dog who exhibits a variety of herding dog traits. He is a therapy dog and we're often asked his breed. Since mutt or Heinz 57 seems to be out of vogue, I've taken to describe him as a "North American Curled Tail Collie."
Submitted by Donna Kulawiak
This is Tippy -- a shelter rescued "All-American" (a.k.a. mixed breed or mutt). We believe she is a border collie/jack russell terrier cross; our designer dog moniker? Split-faced borderjack!
Submitted by Lori Eckert
Meet Stella Blanche Hutzler Eckert. Stella is a six and a half year old rescued dachshund-Labrador mix. We call her an exotic dachsador. She is inquisitive and stubborn, like most dachshunds. And like most Labradors, she is sweet, loyal and loves the water. Going to the beach is her favorite activity. We have had Stella for six years and can't imagine our family without her.
Submitted by Karen Haas
This is Oscar. He's a mix of beagle, terrier, daschund and chichichua. He's such a cutie. I think his breed should be chi-wienerteagle.
Submitted by Marissa McDermid
Kevin - my shelter mutt...could be: German Sheppard, Bordie Collie, Austrialian Sheppard, with Bermese type coloring... looking mutt Burmese Border Sheppard - History - Ancient dog brought from Germany to guard the Tibetian boarders from wayward sheep.
Submitted by blanche evans
Clooney is a Pygmy Lab. He's really a dachshund, dalmation, spitz mix.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my puppy. She is a Labrador/Rottweiler mix. I guess she could be called a Rottador! But she is just a sweet mixed puppy to me.
Submitted by Anonymous
My adopted-stray mutt, Chester, a fine example of a Sheplie. (Collie/German Shepherd mix)
Submitted by vicky chaiko
Pooshi instead of shi-poo half-poodle hald shitzu
Submitted by Kristin Sullivan
This is Jackson, our 15 month old Huskador (He's a Labrador Retriever/Husky mix). The picture was taken when he was about 2 months old, just after we adopted him from the Jackson County, Alabama ASPCA.
Submitted by Jeff McKinney
This Bailey McKinney and he is our little mutt. He is a mix between a Yorkie and Bishon Frise. So we have come up with Bisorkie. Hope you like.
Submitted by Elizabeth Stelling
This is Elmer, a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle. We call him a Regal!
Submitted by Joann Gall
This Sampo, my very own JackShitz
Submitted by Amanda Fowler
Berkley is a rat terrier and mini pinscher mix. He is approximately 7 months old.
Submitted by Elizabeth Stelling
This is Elmer, a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle. We call him a Regal!
Submitted by Anonymous
Adirondack Shepard is what like to tell people she is. She is really our pound puppy! Part Huskey and part German Shepard. Gretchen was abused and then ran free for months before the local shelter caught her. She was then adopted 3 times and returned before we got her! And we couldn't ask for a better dog.
Submitted by Jennifer Bengel
Lucy was found in a parking lot at around 3 months of age. She's now two years old, and one of the smartest, sweetest dogs we've ever met. We guess that she might have some blood of Labrador Retriever (coat and intelligence) and Greyhound (she's a FAST runner). We call her our Urban Hybrid- genus and species Stinkus Sillyus.
Submitted by Kevin Bradley
This is Bruce. He's a Chihuahua - Long Haired Dauchsand mutt. We like to call him a Spicy Weiner Dog.
Submitted by Anonymous
Cody - a daschund/chihuahua mix adopted from the humane society in 2002. We call him a "daschuhua".
Submitted by Michele Knottek
Jaxon is a 10 month old puggle.
Submitted by Anonymous
Lucy Biscuit, Buena Vista Terrier, enjoying spring flowers.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Lil' foxy Brown; a 2 year old Eskie-Inu (American Eskimo/Shiba Inu mix). She was rescued off the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Submitted by Emily Rivera
Benji is a 2-year-old Pomeranian and Pekingese mix, although his rescuers say he's there's some Tibetan Spaniel in him too. How about calling him a Popek? (pronounced poe-peek)
Submitted by Sara Bernard
Kristi is a shar-pei, golden, and shelty mix. We call her a "shar-den!"
Submitted by Diana Ginnebaugh
We found our pup abandoned on the side of the road in Texas. She is the best dog - sweet, calm temperment, very easy to train, and has the softest fur! She travels with us often - an easy dog to have in the car. Her name is Lady and who knows what her mix is (although everyone does ask!). Maybe an Austrailian sheperdmutt?
Submitted by Anonymous
Roeg is a samoyed chow chow mix. We call him our little samowmow.
Submitted by Valerie Hamilton
This is Missy, she's a 16 year old shelter rescue. She's part Chow (she has a purple toungue), part lab (we think). We could call her a La'Bow??? This picture is of her playing in the snow, which she loves!
Submitted by Lisa Frazier
Our dog, Hope, is a 7-month-old Boxahoula (Boxer/Catahoula mix). She's absolutely the cutest dog ever...especially when she starts boxing with you!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Abby Lou, who thinks she owns the place. OK, she does... She's just a mutt puppy but the groomer thinks she must be a Maltese/poodle mix. That is kinda "designer" so we call her a pootese, instead!
Submitted by Alyssa Moog
Tate is a 5 year old German Short-Haired Pointer Pit Bull mix. She is brindled like a pit bull and ticked like a GSP. We got her from a foster home in Fort Worth, Texas when she was 4 months old. She is easy going, fun loving, and a very independent dog. I get stopped every time I walk her and get offered money for her. She is truly one of a kind, I have never seen another dog that looks like her. I think her designer name would be a Pointbull.
Submitted by Anonymous
Our 2nd dog Taffy born on the day that the Tsunami hit Asia. We believe she's a "dashxer" - cross between a daschund and a boxer (or so says the person who gave us the dog).
Submitted by Anonymous
Bugsey was a rescue dog. I wanted a french bulldog but fell in love with her instead. I was told she was a Pug/Boston Terrier mix........what is so fondly referred to as a Bug...hence the name.
Submitted by James Louthan
She's a Yorkie Poo but I like to tell people that she's a Porkie or a Pookie...It's kind of tough for a Personal Trainer to tell his clients that his dog is a Yorkie POO. So I call her a Porkie and my wife calls her a Yorkie Poo
Submitted by Anna Kathryn Word
This is my dog, Eudora. She is almost three, and she's a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie. My husband and I have always referred to her as our "Golden Collie". Cute, huh?
Submitted by Alicia Danner
This is Lyfe...He is a Lhasa-Apso Bichon Frise Poodle...We just call him a LhasaBichon. Everyone always asks what type of dog he is and we just call him "Lyfe"
Submitted by Shannon All
Cassie is a one of the more popular mixes... a mix between a pug and a beagle...called a Puggle. We like to call her the "snuggle puggle".
Submitted by Anonymous
Frankie's mom is long haired chihauhau and dad is pommeranian. He is a character!
Submitted by Ken Mason
This is my Charlie T. Barkley. He is a Shepherd/Shar-pei mix. Wonderful temprement, very intelligent and LOVES people and wouold stay outside all day if we'd let him. I think his breed would be called a Shep-Pei or a Shar-perd.... at any rate he is gorgeous and I wouldn't give him up for the world.
Submitted by Nikki Carpenter
This is Cooper. He's an 8 week old Bassett/Beagle hybrid. This makes Cooper a Bagle.
Submitted by Gabe Bruner
Meet Mason! He's my 2yr old Chow/German Shepherd Mix. Gorgeous! Perfect of both mixes. His dad was a Blue Chow and Mom was a black shepherd (i think). He is a rescued scrap yard dog. Guess you could call him a more of a "Mini Wolf"
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Macy. She is half Shih Tzu and half Toy Pomeranian, and she is 3 years old. She is the BEST dog. My husband calls her a Shiranian.
Submitted by Mindy Livingston
Josie Livingston, the cutest dog ever! Her mother is a miniature dachsund, and her father is ???, but we are pretty sure he was a border terrier. I can't tell you how many people have asked me where they can get a dog like her, so I think this should be a new designer breed called "Doxieterry". Besides being cute and adorable, this is a really sweet-natured dog, yet a little feisty and very smart. She will play fetch, do tricks for treats, and snuggle with me.
Submitted by Gina Bennett
This is my dog Chance, I adopted him at the Animal Protective Association of MO. He is a German Shepard mixed with Norwegian Elkhound. So I guess he is a Norwegian Shepard? :) He is the best!
Submitted by Anonymous
Everyone thinks these guys are German Shepard pups, but they are full grown at 30 lbs. The pound listed them as shepard mixes, and we think the girl (one the right) is a German Shepard/Basenji mix, so I guess she would be a Sheparji. As for the little boy, he might be a German Shepard/Minature Collie/Spitz, so he's a Shepspitzllie.


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