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Democratic presidential hopeful New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson speaks during a news conference Sunday in Dallas.
updated 3/22/2007 2:11:07 PM ET 2007-03-22T18:11:07

It’s kiss and make up for Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson and acerbic broadcaster Don Imus — all because of $600,000 in New Mexico money.

Imus unleashed a tirade against the governor and his staff last month on his nationally syndicated show because the governor hadn’t put up state money to renovate an old school and convert it into a community center for a village near Imus’ New Mexico ranch.

Imus called Richardson a “fat sissy” and a “fat baby” and then, in Spanish, invited the governor to kiss his rear end — “Besa mi culo!”

All that changed after Richardson got the state legislature to provide $600,000 for the renovation project. The money was part of a more than $600 million capital improvement financing measure the governor signed into law last week.

Imus cooed over Richardson during brief remarks aired on his show, “Imus in the Morning,” on Monday, when the governor was campaigning in Texas.

“Speaking of the next president of the United States — Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico —congratulations to him because he signed off on that appropriation to renovate that school in Ribera,” Imus told his broadcast audience.

“No more ‘Besa mi culo, gordo’,” Imus said, “Now it’s Bill Richardson for president.”

Imus and his wife have contributed $25,000 to the school renovation project, which has been spearheaded by a local resident. Imus lives part time near Ribera on a 3,500-acre cattle ranch that hosts sick children. The tiny community is about 40 miles from Santa Fe.

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