Want to see news as it happens, wherever you are? View the best photos and video clips right on your phone? Save articles to read later? Upgrade your mobile news experience with the free msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile.

How to get it
From your mobile phone, click here (http://www.msnbc.actionengine.com/provision) to begin downloading. (If your device isn’t supported, you will get a message indicating that.)

If you have a a supported device, msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile can bring you:

  • Up-to-the minute news video, including the best of NBC Nightly News and TODAY
  • Top news headlines and stories, updated 24/7
  • Msnbc.com's popular photo slide shows, including The Week in Pictures, The Week in Celebrity Sightings and The Week in Sports
  • The ability to share articles and photos with friends via SMS and e-mail
  • A “My Saved Articles” folder to keep content for future reading

Supported Devices
The following Windows Mobile devices are supported by msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile:

  • Cingular Samsung Blackjack
  • Cingular Motorola MPx220
  • Cingular 8125
  • Cingular 3125
  • Cingular 2125
  • Cingular HP iPAQ 6515
  • Sprint PCS Vision 6700
  • Sprint PCS Vision 6600
  • T-Mobile Dash
  • T-Mobile SDA
  • T-Mobile MDA
  • Verizon Samsung SCH-i730
  • Verizon Motorola Q
  • Verizon 6700
  • Verizon Palm Treo 700W

Don't see your device? Check back; support may be forthcoming.

If your device is not supported, you can still access msnbc.com's free browser-based mobile news site by navigating to http://www.msnbc.com on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile?

Msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile is a news service that runs on your mobile device; it lets you watch news videos and photo slide shows, read MSNBC.com news articles and save news articles for later viewing.

2. Does it have all the same features as msnbc.com?

We think users expect different things from a mobile news site than a site they look at on a PC. So some content is different, and some features are only available on one platform. We anticipate adding new features, however, and welcome feedback at msnbc@actionengine.com.

3. How much do I have to pay to use the service?

It's free! All costs are paid for by our advertising sponsors.

4. Why do I get an error message and what do I do when it happens?

You may receive communication errors while using the service when your device has limited or no connectivity to the data network. Try moving to a new location with better reception.

5. How do I close the Windows Media Player screen and go back to msnbc.com Video page after playing a video clip?

If after watching a video clip and returning to the main page, you still hear audio, navigate to Start > Windows Media Player and click on the Pause button. You may then navigate back to the msnbc.com service via the Start menu.

6. How do I access the blue bar at the bottom of the news article and what does it do?

The blue bar has 3 icons: Home, Save and SMS. Click the “pound” key to enable the blue bar. To get back to the msnbc.com home screen, select the “Home” icon or click the number 1. To save your news article, select the “Save” icon or click the number 2. You can find your saved articles in the saved results folder on the msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile home screen. To text the article, select the “SMS” icon or click the number 3.

7. How can I remove msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile from my device?

On your Windows Mobile-powered device, navigate to the Start > Settings > System tab > Remove Programs control panel, select "msnbc.com" from the list and choose “Remove.”

8. Why am I getting the following error message: "Failed to connect to the server"?

Make sure the date and time are accurate on your device. (Date and time can usually be set under the Settings menu option.) If the date and time are incorrect the server will not allow a connection.

9. Why are there numbers in msnbc.com on my smart phone?

These numbers are called bubble numbers. They allow you to quickly make a menu selection with a single click of a button on your keypad. This feature prevents you from having to scroll down the menu list. Just select the number to the left of the menu item to make your choice.

10. How do I keep my backlight on when reading an article?

On your device go to "Settings," than select the backlight icon. Here you can set the length of time to leave the backlight on when your device is not in use. Remember that the longer the backlight stays on the sooner you will need to charge your device's battery.

11. Why aren't the videos playing?

If you are having issues with watching the msnbc.com videos you may be experiencing one of the following three issues:

i. Lack of bandwidth: Some devices do not support high bandwidth, in which case the low bandwidth option should be used. You can change the bandwidth option from "High" to "Low" on any screen that shows video content. Select the red “Change” option at the top of the video menu screen within the msnbc.com service. You will be taken to a “Select Video Bandwidth” screen where you can change your bandwidth from "High" to “Low.”  Be sure to “Save” your selection before leaving the screen for the change to take effect.

ii. Lack of memory on your device: Your mobile phone may not have sufficient available program memory. This condition is caused by having too many applications installed or open at the same time. To address this issue, you can close or uninstall programs to free up memory to play the video, and/or you can try playing a “Low” bandwidth video (by following the steps detailed above). 

iii. Use of a proxy server to connect to the Internet: Please make sure that your device is not trying to use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. This will also cause problems with the video portion of the service. To change this, go to: Settings\Connections\Manage Existing Connections (Proxy Settings (bottom tab)) or Go to: Setup My Proxy Server depending on the type of device. Make sure that the “This network connects to the Internet” box is unchecked.

12. If I would like to leave feedback or ask a question about the service, whom do I contact?

If you need help with the service, please e-mail our customer support at msnbc@actionengine.com

13. Who is Action Engine?

Action Engine Corporation is the mobile application platform company that designed msnbc.com Multimedia on Mobile. Services built using patented Action Engine Application Platform allow consumers to search for and discover mobile Internet content like news, videos and sports scores without having to suffer through painful typing on a tiny device keypad and frequent between-click connection delays.


To get support, email us at msnbc@actionengine.com or call our toll free number at (866) 374-7826.

Carrier Charges and Opting Out

*Please note: Carrier charges may apply for sending and receiving text messages and for downloading and using the application. Check with your mobile phone provider for details.


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