Video: Worst 9/11 ‘memorial’

By Keith Olbermann Anchor
updated 3/27/2007 12:49:23 PM ET 2007-03-27T16:49:23

Every night at 8 p.m. on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann awards his daily pick for "Worst Person in the World." Some contenders are lucky — or unlucky —enough to be nominated more than once.

The bronze to comedian Rush Limbaugh.  He will not let up on John Edwards, now saying that the decision to reveal Elizabeth Edwards’ illness was made in order “to jump start the campaign.  This is to see if it will jump start the campaign.”  What we need here, sir, is something to jump start your brain. 

Tonight’s runner up, Army recruiter Sgt. Marcia Ramode.  Using the Internets for prospects, she contacted and tried to sign up a Mr. Cory Andrew of Jersey City, New Jersey.  He e-mailed back wondering if they want accept him since he’s gay.  Sgt. Ramode, using her military e-mail address, wrote back no, because “being gay is disgusting and immoral” and “you must be a total idiot and so stupid to presume that you do not know what gender you are” and that he “should leave the United States”

And we remind everyone everywhere that no e-mail is private ever again. 

But our winner to the government of the city of New York, Rudy W. Giuliani, then-mayor.  A city contractor and a retired Sanitation Department official say in court papers they witnessed the city putting a rush order on the sifting of the debris from the World Trade Center in October of 2001.  Thus, not only were body parts of the victims, some at least, lost, but that some of that debris wound up in the pile of junk used to fill pot holes on the streets of the city.  And if you were wondering where New York City’s memorial to the victims of 9/11 was, now you know. 

Then-mayor Giuliani and the government of the City of New York, today‘s Worst Persons in the World.

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