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  10 Tips

Save the planet — and save some money, too. Here's how to help your bottom line by producing less carbon dioxide.

10 tips on Going Green

Image: wind turbine
Obama’s green dreams
President Obama’s environmental initiatives are going to mean good things for a host of industries across the country. Here are six sectors likely to benefit from Obama’s scheme to go green.
Carbon trade game
Learn how the "cap and trade" scheme works and play along in a simulated market.
Battle of the Bags: Paper vs. Plastic takes you on interactive journey through the debate over the "greenest" way to cart away groceries.
NBC News
Scenes from Greenland
‘NBC Nightly News’ reports from Ilulissat, Greenland, on the alarming melt of the Greenland ice sheet.
EGY: Central Cairo
Getty Images
  World’s endangered rivers
See the rivers deemed at risk by the WWF. According to the group the rivers are quickly dying as a result of climate change, pollution and dams.
  Earth from space
Click through the highlights from more than four decades of images of our home planet, taken by astronauts in orbit.
Vital Signs of a Warming World
The science, impacts and scenarios of climate shifts
Carbon trade game
Learn how the "cap and trade" scheme works and play along in a simulated market.
Farming of the future?
Though vertical farms likely would rise just two or three stories, some researchers imagine 30-story buildings.
The greenhouse effect
How the Earth maintains a temperature conducive to life
Cooling the planet
Check out five far-out ideas on how to engineer a cooler Earth.
Eyeing the ice
The National Science Foundation's Tom Wagner on why climate experts study Antarctica.
Capturing CO2
A look at carbon sequestration
Melting mountains
Data shows five areas of concern
How hybrids work
What makes hybrid cars so fuel-efficient?

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