Submitted by Chad Spence
This is a picture of my female Shiba Inu, Kya, getting caught at the crime scene. She decided to gut a stuffed teddy bear. She claimed it was self defense but the evidence says other wise. It is rumored the teddy bear owed her money from his gambling debts. But we will never know for sure will we. Kya was quickly convicted and sentenced to a firm scolding with a series of loud "NO NO BAD DOG" with a slight yank of the collar and a finger in the face. She was also not allowed on the sofa to cuddle for about an hour.
Submitted by Judy Manley
I left a feather duster in the reach of my papillon "Tilly" As you can see, I caught her in the act of destroying it. It was my own fault for leaving the duster in her reach.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Day #2 of Cody being in his new home. Amongst all the new and plentiful toys, Cody chose to go for the toilet paper. Light, fluffy, great tasting too. All you can do with puppies to 'deal' with them is not say a word so you can get a good shot of it, and then never ever put the roll of toilet paper back where it belongs. Just up a little higher to make it "puppy-safe" !
Submitted by Mike Andrews
This is a very interesting situation. I'm eating my yogurt, set it down and the next thing I know Greg is finishing it off. Who knew cats even consumed yogurt? I certainly didn't.
Submitted by Michele Zwolinski
Zed decided one day that he REALLY did not want the cat to have a bed anymore...
Submitted by Catherine Stanton
This is Steve, my first cat. He chewed through the nearly empty cat food bag to get at the food, and then got the bag stuck on his head. I came running to find him blindly banging about the bedroom, with the sound of loose kibble echoing as it was flung around in the bag. I had to first take a picture, before I freed him from his sorry state. Food always was the little guy's undoing.
Submitted by Glen Gehrkens
A pane of glass on my front door broke so I took all the glass out in order to replace. Shortly after, Hank, the 100 pound Weimaraner, decided it looked like a good way to escape. He couldn't figure out how to get his back end through the opening, so I had to push him back in from the front. I could not stop laughing and immediately sent this picture to everyone.
Submitted by Melinda Irwin
We got Cody when he was five and this picture was taken a few weeks later. We got home from the store and found this. Yes, that IS the garbage can lid! After falling on the floor laughing and taking this picture, we decided it would be best to keep the garbage can up when we leave!
Submitted by Donna Martinez
Rivendell my Border Collie mix shreds toys. I just let her and watch her so she doesnt eat it. Then I throw out the toy:)
Submitted by Anonymous
My Precious American Bulldog, Sampson, had broken through the fence and stolen several Halloween decorations from around the neighborhood. I caught him "red handed" with this one! I dealt with the problem by having an electric fence installed and by making sure he had unlimited access to his toys so he did not feel the need to borrow any from the neighbors :)
Submitted by Derek Heidelberg
While I was at work one day, my dog proceeded to eat a living room chair, right down to the frame. To solve his destructive habit, I put him in a bathroom while I was away. I then hooked up a webcam so I could monitor him while I was at work:
Submitted by Suzanne Goldman
Our cat Flora is not only an instigator, but she loves to indimidate, fight with the other cats and get into prolonge battles with them. In this instance, my husband snapped the photo of Flora as she struck out and went after our Orange Tabby Simmy. She is seen here ready to pounce with her paw up for the battle. We try to stop and isolate her, but she is the Devil in disguise and it is impossible to stop her fighting and boxing antics.
Submitted by Anonymous
My dog Mulligan. My husband picked her out at the dog shelter as a surprise for me as I have been wanting a little white dog. Mulligan has done this on three different occasions. We think it's because when we come home from work and then leave right away, she does not get qualtiy time with us, and this is her way to get our attention. We rectified this by making sure she gets special attention before we have to leave right after coming home. It's been far...
Submitted by Kat Grimm
My little Chewbacca, Spawn of Satan as we like to call him. He likes to go "Cujo" (ala Stephen King) when things don't go his way.
Submitted by Susan Holum
We caught our puggle puppy, Zoe, helping herself to some french fries from an unguarded dinner plate. Aside from having both paws on the table, her manners weren't too bad! We now have to keep the chairs pushed in close to the table--and can't abandon our food for even a minute!
Submitted by Anonymous
My cat is an angry drunk. There is little we can do to stop him.
Submitted by Susan Parry
Allison my big baby American Bulldog, decided to follow my cat onto the counter. I explained to her calmly that counter tops were off limits and so far she has understood.
Submitted by Ashley Sauvain
My Cocker Spaniel, Torii, and his one true love.. Toilet Paper... We are still working on the problem. He loves to eat both toilet paper and paper towels. We are doing the preventative method, keeping it out of his reach.
Submitted by Jessika Spence
We had left Leia (like Princess Leia) home by herself for a few minutes and we came home to find this. We were so angry, but laughing too! She's chewed many other things, including but not limited to: 3 pairs of sandals, a ball cap, 4 remote controls, and the carpeting on the steps! We deal with the chewing problem by leaving her in her kennel when we're gone!
Submitted by Tara Wheeler
We would come home to a kitchen full of trash can contents. Like most parents we first scolded her, and scolded again, then we moved the trash can where she can't get to it. I know, I know, not the way it is suppose to be done, but our kitchen is clean when we get home from work.
Submitted by Anonymous
My cuddly boy cat by the name of Oscar, well needless to say is very curious. One day I found peices of tampons all over the house (NOT USED). I wondered how he got them. I went into the bathroom and noticed the box was open. So I shut the box. The next day same thing, some how he was opening the box. So I moved the box. Well needless to say he opened the cabnet and opened the box to get to them. Then oneday I snapped this photo of him trying to hide his toy! NICE! So, I could make things difficult on me or teach him these are not toys. so I got a cat mat (ones with little spikes and set the t
Submitted by Betsy Hardin
My Pomeranian Dauby and Fawn a lab mix rough housing. Pretty Scary!
Submitted by jack hollfelder
Bentley was just a little hungry, that's all!!
Submitted by Kyle Beck
We put our dog, Butters, in our sun room while my wife and I went to work. He apparently had an issue with the cushions on our chairs, as this is how we found him when we returned home. We just didn't have the heart to punish him ;)
Submitted by Anonymous
you will see Tilley sheepishly peaking around the couch after she destroyed a pilllow. How I dealt with the problem? I tried to be stern, but ended up laughing and grabbing a broom.
Submitted by Anonymous
After this. We taught Mambo the off command. He knows he isnt allowed on the couch if he isnt invited. We now have new furniture and we havent had any issues.
Submitted by Lauren Adams
I got home form the grocery store I put down the groceries and immediately went to take care of my son. Then I heard a loud ripping sound I went to investigate and found her chowing down in the middle of the kitchen. I now know to keep food out at all times for Diana or she will find it herself.
Submitted by Jennifer Thrailkill
I had come home from the grocery store and set a few bags on the floor. One of these included a pack of toilet paper and while I was busy Baxter got into the paper and had a little too much fun! When I noticed how quiet he was I peeked around the corner and saw what he had been up to. Honestly, I was laughing too hard to punish him but I make sure not to leave any bags on the floor anymore.
Submitted by Anonymous
What could I do but take the shot? This is my retarded but awesomely-lovable Bailey...he'd probably already forgotten how the mess got there - correction would have been futile. Bailey is a rescue dog from Wayside Waifs...he's awesome!
Submitted by Trish Ford
My cute little (well, HUGE now) Rhodesian Ridgeback Tank always has a good appetite, sometimes though his choice of meal-like when he was eating my bra- isn't so appetizing.
Submitted by Janice Lake
Apparently Stella, our six-month-old lab, didn't like the fact we left her home alone. But she was proud to show off her handy work when we came home that night! She no longer gets to stay in the house when we leave.
Submitted by Anonymous
My two miniature dachshunds decided to not only remove all the toys from the dog bed, but also disassemble the foam bed. The one in the picture says the other one did it!
Submitted by Anonymous
Digby (a greyhound / great dane mix), along with a friend's dog were left alone one evening while my friend and I went to a meeting. This mess is what we found when we got home. Two large pillows shredded, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle around the floor, and a party size of peanuts all around the floor. Books and DVDs were all strewn about the room as well. Apparently they were board.
Submitted by Teri Saylor
Joe, a Maine Coon mix, nearly 18 pounds of naughty cat flesh and fat, nearly wrecked my living room trying to get his head unstuck from this lampshade. Of course I rescued him, but just had to take pictures first.
Submitted by Caroline Faure
Scratch and Tenne "playing". Not sure who's the devil here. (Hint: Don't feel sorry for the cat!)
Submitted by Heather Kirk
I came home to my adorable, 6 month Great Dane after a long day at work. Apparently, Brody had a long day at work too after shredding his 2nd crate bed. Do you think he looks guilty?
Submitted by Anonymous
So it is only a garage.. but it is a garage that we watch TV in and play with the dogs. Guess they had a party there while we were gone one day. Someone forgot to clean up the mess! BUSTED!
Submitted by Julie Goodwin
This is Zoe Monster laying claim to her personal roll of toilet paper. I usually find a trail of paper leading to her lair (in my closet) where the disemboweled roll has taken its last breath.
Submitted by Lindsy Shrewsberry
This is Stink. Stink loves when mommy forgets to close the dog door on rainy days because the ground is nice and soft and just right for digging.
Submitted by Anonymous
Duke, our 12 year old bloodhound, is obsessed with food. We were feeding our elderly cat on the counter with a chair to make it easier for the old cat to get to his dinner. Duke found the chair and climbed up on the counter to help himself. We solved the problem by moving the chair from the counter ... and giving Duke a little more food at dinner.
Submitted by Brianna Tragis
I think she was a little upset with the costume I picked out for her. She doesn't like to admit that the pumpkin could kick her butt any day!
Submitted by Gerald Riojas
After coming home one day, we found Aries had defended our house from the bad chair. She was so proud of her work, that we couldn't punish her.
Submitted by Lia Jackson
While in Asheville, NC several years ago we came back to the rental cottage to find that Bennett was none too happy with the accomodations! How did I deal with the problem? Paid for the door, I couldn't punish him since it was my own fault leaving him alone in a strange place.
Submitted by Melissa Harris
I accidentally left a bag of toilet paper in my room. When I walked in, my destructive dog Cammy had already gotten a hold of it. I couldn't be mad looking at that face!


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