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The Presidentilal Debates
More debate news and analysis

Analyze this! Review the presidential debate lets you review the video action by question, topic or time.
Video: The vice presidential debate
Economic crisis concerns
Oct. 2: Debate moderator Gwen Ifill asks Joe Biden and Sarah Palin if this past week's action by Congress on the financial crisis is the best or worst of Washington.

The benefit of hindsight: Highlights from past presidential debates
Sept.25: Watch video highlights of the debates dating back to 1960. By John Harwood of CNBC and the New York Times and NBC's Marisa Buchanan.
Video: Decision '08  
Turning Point: 2008
Nov. 5: NBC's Tom Brokaw recaps the historic election of America's first black president. Produced by's Kevin Flynn.

Election A to Z
Do you have questions about the election process? We'll answer them.

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  Picking the president: The candidates
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John McCain
Barack Obama

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