Video: VTech shooter stalked campus women

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updated 4/26/2007 4:52:11 PM ET 2007-04-26T20:52:11

Andy Koch, a former suitemate of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, provided NBC News the transcript of an instant message (IM) conversation he had in 2005 with a female student who received IMs from Cho. Koch says he has also turned them over to the detectives investigating the school shootings.

Koch says he initiated the conversation with the female student after he learned that Cho had begun sending her unsolicited IMs. He says he was concerned and wanted to warn her. The female student, whose name NBC News is withholding, confirms that Cho had messaged her. She says in the conversation that Cho "turned out [to be] all psycho."

An edited version of the messages follows:

Koch: do u want to know who spankyjelly is
Koch: he is seung ho something
Female student: yeah i knwo who he is
Koch: he is a creep i would block him just doing u a favor
Femalestudent: ahahha yeah
Koch: well i would block him he got in trouble forr stalking recently so i just wanted to warn you
Femalestudent: yeah..hes called me...written on my door...all of that
Femalestudent: kinda freaky
Koch: written on your door? like your room
Femalestudent: yeah
Femalestudent: the funny thing bout that...
Femalestudent: is im everywhere
Femalestudent: SO he had to do some investigations or something...into my roommate and what not
Koch: the ra's are trying to do something about him
Femalestudent: yikes
Femalestudent: at first i thought he was one of my friends joking around...and i only accepted him cuz i saw a few of my friends were friends with him
Femalestudent : then he turned out all psycho
Koch: i think he is is schophrenic or however you spell it

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