updated 4/30/2007 1:17:04 PM ET 2007-04-30T17:17:04

CHICAGO — A former Illinois senator and presidential candidate says she's grateful for two University of Chicago students who came to her rescue during a mugging.

Carol Moseley Braun spoke to reporters on Monday sporting a cast on her left arm.

She fell and broke her wrist on Friday night when a mugger attacked her outside her Chicago home.

The two students who ran to help her are Zachary Trayes-Gibson and Rachel McFadden. They stood by Braun's side at the news conference.

Attacker had a knife
Trayes-Gibson says he and McFadden had no choice but to intervene as the attacker wielded a knife over his victim. He says it appeared to be a life-or-death situation.

Braun thanked the two and called them heroes. She also expressed gratitude to their parents. She says they clearly raised their children right.

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