Submitted by Teri Bair
"Dieter's fat rump" Dieter is a black miniature schnauzer. He has severe allergies and has to take steroids, in addition to taking allergy shots and antihistamines. He weighs about thirty pounds and should weigh about 15.
Submitted by Kathryn Dennis
Miss Bailey was a big girl when I adopted her 2 years ago and she has steadily grown to be a little over 30 pounds. I'm trying to get her to shed the weight by controling how much she eats, rather than leaving a large bowl of food for her to graze on. Miss Bailey is strictly an indoor cat and it is hard to get her to exercise, so I hope the portion control strategy will work.
Submitted by Susan Duncan
Zulu, 9 years old, 22 pounds! He doesn't eat that terribly much, but he doesn't exercise a lot, either. My husband and I bought new, taller cat furniture and encouraged him to run up and down with limited success. He seemed to enjoy the new activity for the first few days, then, like people who quickly abandon exercise programs, he got bored and tired. Our other three cats could each stand to lose a couple of pounds, too, so we are looking into new ways for them all to become more active. Us, too!
Submitted by Deb Ellis
This is Hakeem Wallace Ellis with my dad, Gordon Wallace Ellis (my dad doesn't think it's very cool to have a cat named after him). Hakeem hit a high weight of 30 pounds last year so I brought him to the vet who put him on a calorie-restricted diet I call the Catkins Diet. Hakeem has lost six pounds in the last seven months and is now a slim (?) 24 pounds. He has about five pounds to go. For the most part Hakeem's taken it pretty well, but he will knock over the garbage if he feels like he's starving, and he complains loudly more than ever!
Submitted by Van Estes
Velvet at 21 pounds. Following a diagnosis of diabetes and treatment with prescription foods and two daily insulin injections she is down to a svelte 14 pounds.
Submitted by Jessica Ferrell
This is my chubby kitty Piglet! She is very proud of her belly, as you can see. We've tried to help her lose weight by eating Nutro "lite" but I have a soft spot for her rolling around expecting treats!
Submitted by Anonymous
Macy Hays
Submitted by Anonymous
this is my name is bethoven...
Submitted by kelly hughes
My dog "STUBBY"
Submitted by Mya Khine
My nick name is Fat Cat and I am 10 years old. I love to eat and I always want more food. It breaks my heart when I see an empty food bowl.
Submitted by Jill Kirn
This is Ivy, she is a 5 year old Maine Coon cat. She tops the scales at 16.1 lbs right now. Since she lives with another smaller cat, it is hard for me to cut down on food. I have been playing with her more and only feeding them when they both start really begging.
Submitted by Anonymous
Here is Molly, power napping. We have changed her dry food over to a weight control variety and we encourage her to chase leaves around the backyard. (Birds frighten her.)
Submitted by Anonymous
Tigger, an otherwise very talkative cat, is very shy when we talk about his weight problem.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my nephew, Joshua, and our two boys-Cisco on the left and Sam on the right. They weighed over 20 lbs. in this picture, and this is a couple of years ago. They have not been weighed since so I don't know how much they weigh to date. They are approximatetly 5-6 years old and don't realize they are cats. They only eat one scoop of dry cat food a day and one small can of canned food at night. They never get scraps, and our vet actually said that Sam was just a "big boned kitty". We play with them, but they are inside 24/7 and simply maintain/gain weight.
Submitted by Raymond Vera
This is him at his heaviest!
Submitted by Anonymous
The ultimate pair
Submitted by Anonymous
Our 25 lb cat Junior, hiding his shame! Dieting won't work...he has a mind and will of his own!
Submitted by Anonymous
Sammy, our 14 year old pure Canadian grey wolf, lounging at Christmas time, soaking up all the attention. He is currently on a diet, trying to shed some of his 170 pounds.
Submitted by Mama Wooley
Kitty Wooley the Maine Coon sprawled in front of the fire on her favorite rug beggin for another treat.
Submitted by Pat Wood
My six year old cat, Bryce, is 20 lbs. and has his own mixture of regular and light dry cat food. He still tries to eat the 18 lb. Cavalier's dog food.
Submitted by Shelly Klaas
Our house cat is named Katie and is quite the round ball of fluff. She is constantly lying around the house on her back. When she wake's up from this position it is a real struggle for her to roll over and sit up. It is quite humorous to watch.
Submitted by Kristin Sullivan
This is my cat Bryant...When my family rescued him from the jowls of a vicious dog and apathetic owners who failed to feed him, and at 2 years old he weighed only 4lbs. Needless to say he has thrived with his new family and is now 8 years old and a fluffy 20lbs... the cutest 20lbs cat EVER!
Submitted by Anonymous
Zoey is 30lbs and growing ive tried to put her on a diet but it just dont work, i feel like im starving her. Shes my big fat lovable cuddly baby.
Submitted by Lynn Root
Our 12 year old basset hound. She weights 88 pounds. She has put on a little weight since she has slowed down in the past year. I force her to go for little walks every day and she has lost 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks. She won first place in the best costume at this party. My little fairy princess.
Submitted by Cory Nelson
This is my chub, Max.
Submitted by Anonymous
Rusty the loviest cat in all the world... and one of the biggest.
Submitted by Kim Odom
This is Garfield. He is four years old. When my dad found him, he only weighed 1lb 4oz. Now he weighs 33lbs! He's on a strict diet now. I guess he really lives up to his name!
Submitted by Paula Hovsepian
My name is Buzz and I live in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. This is my favorite position. I have one big big as I am, I am scared of my own shadow!
Submitted by Janette Metzler
This is Dodge. He weighs about 30 lbs. We have tried diet and increasing his exercise but with no success. All he wants to do is lay arond the house and eat.
Submitted by Cristina Masters
This is Catlynne. Over the years her name has evolved to Fatlynne and eventually Fatty. My family and I adore her, despite her enormous size! She is a lover, not a fighter. We think that everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. We've since put her on a diet and she's shed the chub but the nickname stuck.
Submitted by Sandi Leaf
This is Snoopy and he is about 22 lbs. I have tried to get him to exercise but that isn't working too well. He loves to eat and when he does, he lays by the food bowl and the water bowl instead of sitting. We moved into a 2 story house so he now has to go up and down the stairs and I am hoping that will help him shed some weight
Submitted by tom fitzgerald
Betty is about 20 pounds. She was a skinny girl until we had her spayed. Then she just ballooned! This is her at her "excercise" routine. She walks from the food dish to the treadmill, and has a nap.
Submitted by Marla Goethal
The Kids call Him "Don Vito". This is pretty much all he does other then eat.
Submitted by Brian Garelick
Meet Joseph, he loves treats!!
Submitted by Kevin Wimberly
This is Oliver. He is fat. In his defense, this picture makes him look fatter than he really is. He was hunched over. Promise.
Submitted by Linda Kirk
Fatty taking a nap with friends Friskers and Smudge. Can't put Fatty on a diet without starving Friskers. Vet says he's perfectly hea;thy, just fat.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Zeke -- an indoor cat not much fond of exercising -- though I go with the "big-boned" theory. He's been on prescription diet food for awhile and has lost several pounds since this photo.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Morris shortly after I adopted him, when he tipped the scales at almost 25 pounds. Poor little guy couldn't even fit into the bed I bought for him! Thanks to a strict diet, lots of exercise around the house and regular insulin (he's diabetic), he's lost more than 9 pounds-- and counting! He's healthier and much happier, and now has a much, much longer life to spend with us. Not to mention he can finally fit perfectly in his bed!
Submitted by Gina Rose
Hercules has been our family cat for 10 years. I don't remember a time when she wasn't large. We've tried weight loss measures, such as diet cat food, getting her outside to exercise, but some how she still manages to grow...
Submitted by Brooke Morgan
This is our cat Daphne. She should weigh 8 or 9 pounds but is tipping the scales somewhere around 13 or 14. Daphne is blind, so it's hard for her to get around to exercise!
Submitted by Juanice Christian
This is Porkchop...even on a restricted diet he weighs 26 pounds.
Submitted by Karen Ramos
This Is Natasha She Is My 7 Year Old Buff Cocker Spaniel.Her Favorite Hobbies Eating And Sleeping.This Photo Was Taken On Her Birthday Doing What She Loves To Do The Most SLEEP. Natasha Top The Scale At 54 Pounds.
Submitted by Yolanda Ramos
This Is Derek He Is 5 Years Old And Top The Scale At 58 Pounds.Since Derek Is A Cocker Spaniel He Is Small.You Cannot Go Into The Kitchen Because Derek Will Be Right By Your Side Hoping You Drop Something.His Nickname "Chubby"
Submitted by Shelbylyn Sullivan
This is Sox. Nick name: Fat Sox Sox is a 25lb Maine Coon Cat. We got him at a shelter in California and all that they told us was that he was a long haired cat. He was TINY. We never expected him to be bigger then our dog. (King Charles Cavalier) It didn't take very long for us to realize he was going to be huge and that he was Maine Coon. The bizzare thing is that we ended up moving to Maine. We have had to fly with him twice and had to put him on a diet both times because pets can not weigh more than 20lbs when they fly with you in the cabin. He does not like this at all and prac
Submitted by Michael and Nancy Wilkinson
Sunshine, our Westie, was too adept at charming us for handouts. We now restrict her to kibble with a tablespoon of canned pumpkin (she LOVES pumpkin) Sometimes she gets a chunk of raw carrot for a treat. She's losing weight and has become more active. This is the BEFORE photo.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Bailey- our 12 year old Golden Retriever curled up on her favorite chair. Obviously not a good fit these days.
Submitted by Bill Pyle
The best 28 lb. "miniature" dachshund in the world. Frankie.
Submitted by Michael Young
King Grunt, taking a break to nap in my chair.
Submitted by Pamela Berg
This is my cat Scottie. He was born to our cat Cali along with 4 other black and white siblings in September of 2001. He has grown from a sweet little kitten to a very big boy weighing in at 26 lbs. the last time he was weighed. He is nothing but a big baby and we love him very much.
Submitted by Linda Armstrong
This is Bubba in all his glory. He hovers around 22 lbs, give or take a Pounce.
Submitted by Cathy McClaugherty
This was our "fat cat", Buddha. Ironically, the name was not due to his girth but rather his serene and loving disposition! This was evident when he was a tiny kitten, long before he grew into such a big boy at twenty pounds. Sadly, Buddha passed away in November 2005 and will always be missed. He was never much of active sort and his belly sloshed to and fro the few times he ever went any faster than an amble. He never complained about much in life and obviously had a pretty easy time of it.
Submitted by Anonymous
Baby the big black cat was a 33 lb. lovebug. He was in the vet's "Purring Off The Pounds" group and got weighed in every month. What finally began to make a difference was getting a dog that kept on eating Baby's food!
Submitted by Troy Jamison
Spike the white Bulldog, 85lbs, currently on a restricted calorie diet and increased exercise. He can only make it around the block once!
Submitted by Lisa Bennett
23 lb Junior was found as a starving skinny stray 10 years ago in -25F weather. Like Scarlett, he vowed he'd never be hungry again! Any attempts to cut down on his food intake only increase his fabric consumption, (he has actually eaten an entire blanket) and make us and the other 3 normal sized cats crazy!
Submitted by Glodine Jourdan
My Georgie loves to eat eventhough his daily diet is restricted to bunny pellets, hay and fruits and vegetables. How one gains weight on such a diet is a mystery to me. I encourage Georgie to exercise as much as possible and discourage naps, although evidenced by this picture, it is a habit he will not break in the near future. I chase him (and he chases me) around my apartment and I take him outside to run around on the roof. At this point, I consider him big-boned rather than obese and although there is much of him to love, pun intended, he is a very active bunny.
Submitted by Paula McCusker
Little Head rolls over and plays hide and seek with his tail.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is our female pug "Blossom" in her bunny ears. She is a very lazy girl and hates to exercise. She weighs 25 lbs. and is on a reducing diet and outdoor play to help take some weight off!
Submitted by Leslie Graber
My name is Alexei and I'm laying on one of my favorite sofas, chillin' until dinner. My vet says I'm the biggest cat he's ever had at his clinic - a whopping 31.5 pounds. But I'm not fat, just big boned!
Submitted by Marc Edwards
Fat Pic # 2... Extremely fat, but very happy!!!!
Submitted by cindy Thomason
Picture of my dachund "Ginger". Nothing works when I have tried to help her loose weight.


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