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Plans for the wedding have been sunk — along with the prospective groom's clothes, CDs, DVDs and his van.

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Police in northwestern England have arrested Emma Thomason, 24, after she allegedly packed her partner's possessions into his van, drove to the harbor and left off the hand brake Sunday. She was charged with aggravated vehicle-taking without consent and released on bail.

The incident reportedly followed an argument between Thomason and Jason Wilson, 24, her partner of seven years and the father of their two children.

"She put every single last item of clothing I had in the back of the van. All I was left with were the clothes I was wearing," Wilson told reporters.

"I haven't told her yet that the wedding is off, but I think she can put two and two together."

The van was pulled out of the water on Monday.

"The recovery operation was quite difficult, they had to partly drain the harbor to get the vehicle out," said Inspector David Gartland of Cumbria Police.

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