Submitted by Espi Carrera
Angus and Isabella ride in their dog car seats (latched in) and wear "doggles" to protect their eyes. I got my convertibel PT cruiser just so I could take them cruising with the top down; since most other convertibles are 2 seaters the PT did the trick.
Submitted by Sandy Fraser
I'm on my second Mitsubishi Outlander. The dogs ride in the backseat, in their own individual carseats, so that they can see out the window. No humans have ridden in the back seat since my second dog came along :-}
Submitted by Albert Hahn
JJ likes convertibles, particularly 2 seat roadsters since there's only room for one passenger - HIM.
Submitted by Lisa Kilby
Toy poodle, Rufus, rides in comfort in a dog car seat which is buckled into the car using the seat belt in the middle of the back seat. He is further buckled into the seat with a strap that attaches to a harness worn by Rufus. It is very comfortable and he sleeps through most car trips.
Submitted by Anonymous
Our Border Collie, Zeagle, is about 6 months old when this picture was taken. When he was that small, we used a booster seat, harness and strapped him to the seat belt for added security. Now that he's older, we still use the harness and seat belt, but he out grew the booster seat. He sits in the back on a blanket (we have leather seats).
Submitted by Don Remley
This is my trike and "Triker Lori" rides with me where ever I go. Just try to leave her at home, no way! There is a line that runs front to back at the top of the carrier and she is leashed to it, though I don't think she would ever jump out, just doesn't get excited that much about anything she sees....
Submitted by Cathy Torres
Buckled up and ready to go! Jake and Shelby have a seat cover on the back seat so they don't slide on the leather seats. And they both have seat belts they wear attached to their harnesses.
Submitted by Leigh Ann Harvey
Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kallie and our daughter happily share the backseat in their carseats. Kallie loves having a cozy place ride and gets very excited when I bring out the travel harness.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Hercules (a jack russell/poodle mix) on his way to the groomer. He did not like his car harness at first but has got use to it. He loves to ride in the car and now he is safe in case of an accident.
Submitted by Thadius Pigman
Our Cat L.B. thinks a 2007 Cadilac DTS (with a blanket over the back seat) makes for a purr fect catmobile.
Submitted by Josh Tsang
Jazz enjoys his custom cargo area in the back of our Nissan Xterra. When we travel, his tethered harness quickly snaps on, which keeps him in the vehicle in case we are to experience an accident that would cause the rear hatch to open and him jumping out and running away. The harness is tethered to a quick-release sliding line, which allows Jazz to move around freely as well as lie down and sleep comfortably (optional bed not pictured). The SUV is complete with a soft custom net to contain Jazz in the cargo area, a sheet of vinyl to help keep the fabric on the rear seats clean after a wet
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Daisy, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Daisy goes wherever I go and rides shotgun. This picture was taken in my Daytona Turbo-Z. I recently bought a new car, a Mazda RX-8 and Daisy gave it her stamp of approval since it is easier to see out the windshield. Buckle up everyone.
Submitted by Anonymous
I caught these guys cruising the Outer Banks, NC. They slowed down so that I could take their picture. The googles look great on the pups and help them see too!
Submitted by Anonymous


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