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  Practical Futurist
The video search gold rush
Who will be the TV Guide of the Internet?
Why is U.S. always last for new phones?
There are several reasons for America's sluggishness in mobile telephony
Searching for reason in genetic engineering
New book seeks to explore issue of genetic engineering in a smart way
What will make the laptop obsolete?
Tiny handheld computers could be the next big thing
Whither the iPod?
Yes, the ubiquitous music player is a powerful force. But what comes next?
The future isn’t what it used to be
New book filled with dreams that never came true
What is the worth of words?
Will it matter if people can’t read in the future?
What do futurists really know?
At the futurists’ convention, there’s always another tomorrow
How Washington will shape the Internet
The Web was the Wild West — until the sheriff rode into town
Smart homes go mass market
Builders aim to woo new buyers with high-tech
Readers want eco-savvy homes
How about some conservation tech?
Hot jobs of tomorrow
In the future, there will be help wanted ads for space tour guides, robot tenders and other exotic occupations.
Dreamliner up close
Boeing's newest jetliner, the 787 Dreamliner, will enter service in 2008. Take a closer look at the jet's features.
  Boeing 787 takes flight
A look at the making of Boeing's 787 'Dreamliner' passenger jet.

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Visions of the future
A look at some notable visions of the future of business, technology, and the economy, and how they have fared.
  Message boards
The Future of Business: What's the next big thing?   Share your thoughts here.
Slide show
North American International Autio Show 2007
  Take cool concept cars for a spin
See 360-degree views of concept cars shown at the Detroit auto show.

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Wal-Mart spiffs up
Compare stores old, new and remodeled as Wal-Mart sets sights on attracting shoppers to more of the store.

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  Practical Futurist

Michael Rogers: What evolutionary psychology says about social networking.

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