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Image: David Plouffe
"For those of us who had been Obama supporters and received dozens, if not hundreds of e-mails throughout the campaign from David Plouffe, you came away with the feeling that you knew this guy and wanted to know more," Viking President Clara Ferraro told the AP.
Charles Rex Arbogast / AP
Politics FAQ
Explaining the election system's political reporter Tom Curry answers questions about the road to the presidency

  Picking the president: The candidates
Click to visit that candidate’s page or click the XML symbol for an RSS feed.

John McCain
Barack Obama

Why We Vote
24 Americans tell how they make their ballot decisions.

Your polling questions answered!
Ever wonder why results vary from survey to survey? Or why one poll has a candidate up and another has that same person down? Click here for our polling primer!

NBC News

Analyze this! Review the debates lets you review the presidential and vice presidential video action by question, topic or time.
Video: Decision '08  
Turning Point: 2008
Nov. 5: NBC's Tom Brokaw recaps the historic election of America's first black president. Produced by's Kevin Flynn.

  The candidates in pictures
U.S. Republican presidential nominee Senator McCain points into the crowd at an airport campaign rally in Roswell
Final push
Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain make their final appeals to voters.
Image: President Richard Nixon greets John McCain after he returned from Vietnam.
AP file
John McCain
The Republican presidential candidates' life has revolved around the public need.
Barak "Barry" Obama
Punahoe Schools via AP
The life of Barack Obama
The path of the president-elect, from childhood to party leader
Image: Sarah Palin
AP file
Sarah Palin
The fast-track governor's rise from Alaska beauty queen to governor to John McCain’s running mate.
AP file
Joseph Biden
The senator's legacy of public service and life filled with second chances.
Election A to Z
Do you have questions about the election process? We'll answer them.

NBC News

Analyzing the vote
Look at key voting trends across the nation during the presidential election.

Slide show
Image: A supporter reacts as she watches election results on television monitors at the election night party for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama
  Parties and prayers
Supporters of both candidates gather across the nation to watch the results roll in.

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