Video: Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan’s father
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Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father believes that his daughter’s recent arrest is an opportunity for the troubled Hollywood star to turn things around.

“This circumstance can be a good one,” Michael Lohan told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in his first television interview since Lindsay entered rehab following her arrest for investigation of driving under the influence.

Her father thinks Lindsay should use recent events to “clean house, put God in her life, and put the right people back in her life — including her family.”

He’s referring to himself, of course — he hasn’t seen his daughter or his three other children in the two years since his divorce with Lindsay's mother Dina Sullivan Lohan.

Michael Lohan says that after Lindsay's car crash last Friday, he’s tried to reach out to his daughter through her assistant. He was directed to her attorney instead. “My attorneys are handling that correspondence and that communication now,” he says.

Lohan says that Lindsay is in Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California. “I really believe that she’s in a good place now,” he says.

Of tabloid rumors of his daughter having suicidal tendencies, Michael Lohan says he’s concerned but that he doesn’t believe them. “By no means do I ever think that Lindsay would intentionally cause any harm to herself or injure herself in any way.” 

Given the opportunity to talk to his daughter, Michael says he would express his love and desire for them to come together as a family. “‘I love you.  I’m here for you. I always wanted to be here for you,’” he says he would tell her.

And while some in the press have questioned Dina Sullivan Lohan's parenting skills or lack thereof, Michael has no harsh words. “While I was with Dina, she was a great mother to my kids.  I’m certainly not going to put her down.  I’m in no position to judge anyone.”

Lohan believes his daughter can come through. “She is going to show everyone that she can beat this like I did,” he says. Lohan was released from a New York state prison in March after serving almost two years for driving while intoxicated and other charges. He is currently studying to become a drug-rehab counselor with the faith-based organization Teen Challenge.

Michael Lohan’s pastor, Jimmy Jack, says he got to talk to the young star days before her arrest. Jack says he told the actress of his work with her father and that they were praying for her. “She was very, very kind, very receptive.”

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