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MANTON, Mich. — It wasn't buried treasure, but a boy working in his grandmother's garden pulled from the ground a wooden box that contained a Chrysler emblem, a tealight candle and newspapers from 1952, among other items.

Cole Ordway, 13, discovered the box on Memorial Day at the home of his grandmother, Betty Dowell. Cole's mother, his 17-year-old sister and a neighbor also were on hand for the discovery.

Inside, family members also found feathers, a pair of pliers, a jackknife with a colorful bear image on the handle and a carabiner.

It wasn't clear when the box was buried because although the newspapers were 55 years old, some of the other items appeared newer, Dowell said.

Looking for clues
Dowell has lived at the home in Wexford County for about two years. She plans to try and find who owned her property in 1952 for clues.

She said she will add items to the box, including a Beanie Baby, a DVD and grocery receipts, then rebury the box.

"I hope nobody finds it for another 50 years," Dowell said.

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