Submitted by Anonymous
Beau asking "What the heck are you doing now? We are supposed to be walking!"
Submitted by Erica Fetner
In this photo Zoe is barking at the television saying "What do you mean the Chow Chow won the dog show?????? What about the Shih Tzu? What's wrong with the Shih Tzu? What am I, chopped liver????"
Submitted by Anonymous
My dog Dusty couldn't make it any more clear when she wants to go for a car ride.
Submitted by Janet Bolno
I'm hogging the TV remote so that I can watch my shows on Animal Planet for a change!
Submitted by Kim Bosi
"This looks like a good place to take a nap" says Abbey as she is referring to sleeping on Riley.
Submitted by Monroe Burgess
Put me in coach, I can play!!!
Submitted by Deirdre Cavanaugh
This is Clancy's couch (border collie); I had just adopted two kittens, Binky and Bootsie, who immediately took over the couch. Clancy has this look on this face as if he was thinking..."this is NOT happening..."
Submitted by Brenda Crisp
Hey Mom, where are my sunglasses!
Submitted by Dan DeBusschere
What's going on over there?
Submitted by diane delaney
I think Gizmo is sad that I'm leaving to go to work. He's thinking, 'You're leaving me again, aren't you?'
Submitted by Anonymous
This was a rainy day and the look in the eyes seems to express to me both boredom and sadness, because we couldn't go outside and play...
Submitted by Anonymous
The "stink eye." I get this look from our 7yr. old long-haired dachshund, Bailey, whenever he's sitting on my husband's lap. Bailey's heart totally belongs to my husband.
Submitted by Dell Dumas
Nelli the Chihuahua saying "Aren't I adorable - now give me some chicken!"
Submitted by Anonymous
Look, this is my last chance. I was kicked out of the last two places for chewing up shoes and ran away from two more. If you guys can't keep me I'm afraid they're going to give me the pink medicine. (I've heard it's like with Tony Soprano-everything goes black.) I want to go straight and with your consistent love and attention be a good dog. I'm not sure about you guys, but let's give it a try.
Submitted by Julie Ann Holmes
Babbi Dog, pronounced Baby, is short for "Bad Ass Biker BItch", loves to ride with us on my Harley-Davidson Fatboy. In the picture she is saying "Oh goody, I'm about to feel the wind on my face again!"
Submitted by Amber Hopkins
My 3-year-old westie Zander loves his treats, and when he gets one he doesn't let anyone get near it. So when i got on the floor to take a picture of him, he gave me a nasty look telling me to keep away.
Submitted by Kelly Johnson
This is my dog Bailey who seems to be saying " Wait-- the CAT is allowed on the couch and I'm not?!?! "
Submitted by Anonymous
Molly is estatic in this photo greeting a friend that she hasn't seen in a very long time. Without a long tail we really have to rely on her face and body for signs of emotion - so we look to her ears and eyes. Here her ears are flat, eyes are bright, and her body is curled and wiggly.
Submitted by Michelle Li
It wasn't me...
Submitted by Elke Lockert
This is a classic photo of Sire! When you tell him to do something that he does not want to do, he actually rolls his eyes! He is the most expressive dog I have ever seen.
Submitted by Annie Lu
"You know I'm cute"
Submitted by Mandy McClain
This is my dog Emmitt.. this is what he does when you have food and he really wants some.. He puts his paws together and gets this sad look in his eyes and then he begins to shake like he's starving and he whimpers.. it's really funny.
Submitted by Anonymous
Dog: please tell the furball to remove himself from my chair... Cat: please tell big ears that it's a free country - and I was here first
Submitted by Anonymous
Saqra, a 3 year old veiled chameleon. She's saying, "Get your own crickets!".
Submitted by Mary Patton
Merlyn + Gwenyvhr + Catnip = "My sister, the drug addict... I am so ashamed."
Submitted by Anonymous
Our little poodle, Millie, had been sick with a terrible tummy ache over the weekend. We had to wait until Monday to take her to the vet and we didn't want her to have an accident in the house. So, we improvised with an infant diaper. I think in this picture she is trying to tell us that she feels horrible and that this strange "thing" we're making her wear is only making it worse. I think her facial expression perfectly conveys her misery!
Submitted by Karen Rich
We are Detroit Tigers fans...but I think it's pretty safe to say Valentino, our 8-year-old Siamese, is not. "Get me out of this ridiculous shirt!" he seems to be growling.
Submitted by Angela Russo
"I'm trying to take a nap...can we do the photo shoot later?!!!"
Submitted by Patrick Rutten
"OH NO" Not Again!
Submitted by Ginette Schwenn
If I can't see you, you can't see me either, right?
Submitted by Anonymous
I just ripped apart my stuffed duck. You're next.
Submitted by Rachael Taylor
Look Mom, no cavaties!!
Submitted by Karen Thibodeaux
Homer at about one year old, always the poser while not annoying his older brother Bart, smiles and laughs and says "Don't hate me cause I am beautiful!"
Submitted by Anonymous
I swear I will lay off the booze!
Submitted by Julie Tovsen
Ally is not smiling at the camera! She is letting our other dogs know she does NOT want to share her apple!
Submitted by Anonymous
Maggie is saying "Thank you for rescuing me from that awful puppy mill. I really, really, really love you."
Submitted by Katherine Zumbrun
Molly is trying to convey that while she doesn't speak English she is trying her hardest to understand what I am saying to her.


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