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Where have all these women gone?

The search continues for Jessie Davis, Lisa Stebic and Stepha Henry

NBC News video
Baby found: Is it Jessie Davis'?
June 20: Earlier this week a newborn was found 45 miles from where this pregnant woman disappeared. Is it her child?
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MSNBC video
Missing Ohio woman’s baby?
June 20: The FBI is saying it will take a week for DNA results to determine if an abandoned one-day old baby girl is the daughter of missing Ohio woman Jessie Marie Davis. Dan Abrams talks to Sue Redman, the woman who found the baby on her back porch.
MSNBC video
Missing Ohio woman
June 20: Pregnant Ohio woman Jessie Marie Davis was last heard from one week ago. Dan Abrams discusses the case with attorney Geoffrey Fieger, former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt and forensics expert Larry Kobilinsky.

Clint Van Zandt

They are white, black, young, and not so young.  What they share is that they are all missing under mysterious circumstances.

Jessie Davis

Twenty-six-year-old Jessie Davis has one child, 2-year-old Blake, and was nine months pregnant with her second child, a girl she had already named Chloe Leann, when she disappeared from her Ohio residence sometime between last Wednesday night and Friday morning. The father of Davis' two children is Canton police officer Bobby Cutts, Jr., who is currently estranged from his current wife, Kelly, and their two children.  Cutts has at least one other child, a girl he fathered with current California resident Nikki Giavasis.  Giavasis is afraid of Cutts, indicating that he kicked in the door of her house when he found out that she was dating someone else.  She said Cutts is an abusive individual who has hit and abused their daughter, that he has threatened to steal the young girl from Giavasis, and stated that she has filed a number of restraining orders against Cutts, the latest this year.

Davis' mother appears to be the last known person to have spoken to Jessie Davis, this at 9:20 p.m. last Wednesday night.  In that telephone call, Davis told her mother that Cutts was going to pick up their son at Davis' residence later that night, but Cutts has allegedly said that he tried to call Davis but got no answer so he did not go to her residence.  It was Friday morning when Davis' mother went to her daughter's home to find her.  What she found was the bedroom in disarray, the comforter and bed sheets missing, bleach spilled around the floor, and young Blake wandering around the house in an obviously soiled diaper, suffering from lack of food and water.  Davis was no where to be found.  Her car was there, her purse had been dumped on the floor and, like Davis herself, her cell phone was missing.

As Jessie Davis was due to give birth to Chole on July 3, the finding of a day-old baby girl in a wicker basket, Moses style, at the side doorstep of a residence some 45 miles away from Jessie's home instantly spiked the attention of both police and the media.  Could it be Baby Chole, and if so, how did she get there and where was Jessie?

The Redman family lives in this residence and found the baby, dressed in a sleeper with a blanket, food, but no note, when they returned from dinner Monday evening.  The baby was sound asleep, obviously oblivious to the fact that the woman (or girl) who had given birth to her was nowhere around to feed her her next bottle.  Mrs. Redman, a former school nurse, has helped pregnant teens and women for a number of years, so they did not find this overly suspicious, especially noting that Mrs. Redman was currently working with one or more pregnant teenage girls.  Some have indicated that the baby, now known as "Jane Doe," could not be the child of Jessie as the baby did not appear to be biracial, further noting that Davis is white and Cutts is black.  Police have requested that DNA from the baby and that known to be from Davis be compared, the results of which may not be known for days (although police may know far sooner for purposes of their investigation.)

The best, and apparently the only witness to Davis' possible disappearance is her son Blake.  Blake, in his best 2-½-year-old voice, has indicated that "Mommy was crying," "Mommy broke the table," and that "Mommy's in the rug."  Some believe he is referring to a possible assault in the bedroom where a table and lamp were knocked, and that Davis may have been wrapped in and carried from the residence in the red comforter by her suspected assailant.  This is not like the case, however, of kidnapped, assaulted and murdered Kansas teenager Kelsey Smith.  She was the recent high school graduate that just this month walked out of a local Target Store and was kidnapped and subsequently murdered with her believed assailant caught in the silent eyes of numerous surveillance cameras which provided pictures that led police to her suspected murderer.  No, in the case of Jessie Davis a "live" set of eyes may have witnessed what happened to her, only these young eyes and the brain coupled to them has a limited capability of understanding what they saw.  Any witness may prove to be better than no witness, though.  Daily searches have been conducted concerning Davis, persons of interest have been questioned, and forensic examinations have been conducted of homes and vehicles that may be related to her disappearance. But to date, Blake's mother and his unborn sister are still missing.

In Davis' case, she could be a runaway, not likely, though, according to family members; she may have been kidnapped to get her unborn child.  Women who have lost children or faked their own pregnancy have been known to steal newborn babies from hospitals and to kidnap and murder pregnant mothers, then to perform some crude Caesarian on the biological mother to take the baby as their own.  Some babies are taken from their mothers and sold, while others will point out that statistically speaking, most pregnant women who are murdered turn out to have been the victim of the man who impregnated them.  All of these possible scenarios and others must be considered and ruled in our by investigation, just like any suspect in Davis' disappearance.  Meanwhile, young Blake walks around his grandmother's home saying, "Mommy's in the rug."  If his eyes could only share what they saw…

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