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IMAGE: Park family
This photo of the Park family shows missing missionary Robert Park, second from right, with his father, Pyong Park, mother, Helen Park, and brother Paul Park.

32 states in the path of another wild storm
Winter came out swinging Tuesday as the second storm of the week pummeled the nation’s midsection while the East Coast hunkered down for an overnight onslaught of snow and ice.

Video: Faith  
Joel Osteen: Success comes from running your own race
Pastor Joel Osteen’s uplifting sermons reach millions of people each week and in his new book, “You Can, You Will,” he wants to help people discover their destiny. Osteen say she discovered his way when realizing that he would be a different sort of preacher than his father had been, and he encourages viewers to lean on God during tough times.

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Pope Benedict XVI
  Pope in America
Images from the U.S. visit by Pope Benedict XVI.

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  Muslims make hajj
More than 2 million converge on Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for annual rituals.

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Image: Easter
  Easter around the world
See pictures of services, processions and more from around the globe.

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