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Submitted by anthony anderson
Picture was taken at the enterance way to of the grounds to the Taj Mahal Feb 2005.
Submitted by Justin Andrews
Fenway Park- The history inside Fenway is amazing. Opening back in 1908, and still open today. From WWI to terrorist attacks, one thing remains the same. That feeling when you walk through the tunnel and get the chills. The chills of history. Sitting with my grandfather, telling me stories of Ted Williams roaming left field after he returned from the war. The signatures of every player who has played there inside the left field wall (The Green Monster). From the 86 years of misery to 2004's pure ecstacy, Fenway's legacy will always be remembered, and NEVER forgotten.
Submitted by John Bartlett
Rafting through the Grand Canyon
Submitted by Rick Chang
The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.
Submitted by Aimee Clark
Machu Picchu
Submitted by Angel Guo
Oia (Santorini, Greece) One has to be in awe of how the cliffside villages of Oia and Fira were built! These structures were dug out from the side of this cliff, hugging the caldera of this still active volcano.
Submitted by Angel Guo
Venice, Italy Regardless if this beautiful city is sinking or not, Venice is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and awe-inspiring places on Earth!
Submitted by sarah KARL
Sun rise on top of Mount Haleakala, Maui. What god meant when she/he said "let there be light!"
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a picture of just a portion of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. I had the amazing chance to see them two years ago during a study abroad program that I participated in in Argentina. The falls are an amazing site and such and experience if you ever have the chance, like we did, to take a raft ride into the falls. I cannot express in words how beautiful and powerful they are. I think that they should definitely be one of the Seven Wonders of the World and encourage anyone that has the chance, to visit them while in Argentina.
Submitted by Anonymous
Front view of Angor Thom at Angor Wat Temple Angor Wat is 77 square miles. Manhattan is 22.3.
Submitted by Anonymous
The Mayan ruins at Chi-Chinitza are amazing.
Submitted by Nathan Sellers
This is a close up of an entrance to one of the "Fairy Chimneys".
Submitted by Nathan Sellers
Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul Turkey.
Submitted by sarah sweeney
One the Most beautiful sites on earth, the Napali Coast of Kuai. It took my breath away!
Submitted by NIMESH TAILOR
Submitted by Anonymous
Photograph from the air over the Zambeze River of Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in South Central Africa. If this were in the US it would draw 10 million + a year. Words cannot explain the scope or enormity of the falls.
Submitted by Cliff Wassmann
Statues on the flanks of Rano Raraku caldera, Easter Island
Submitted by Cliff Wassmann
Storm over the Parthenon, Athens, Greece
Submitted by Cliff Wassmann
Monastery at Meteora, Greece lit by morning light.
Submitted by Susan Weinberg
Christ the Redeemer in Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro
Submitted by Anonymous
Crazy Horse. When this project is completed in a hundred years or so it will dwarf any 'wonder of the world' either from the old world or the new world by far. It will be many times larger than the largest pyramid.


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