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  Your views of America the Beautiful
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Grand Canyon
Photo gallery:  America the beautiful
From the TODAY show Web site, celebrate our country’s splendor with photos that capture its vast and unique beauty.
NBC News video
Americans gear up for holiday travel
July 3: Pump prices could put the brakes on Independence Day travel. NBC's Ron Mott reports.
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Statue of Liberty
  What's the most American place? set out to find the perfect place to ask what it means to be an American. See our special slide show. Note: The vote has ended.
NBC video
Fireworks in a tinderbox this Fourth
July 3: With drought and searing heat plaguing much of the country, the fire danger is unusually high this Fourth of July. NBC's George Lewis reports.
Voices from Lady Liberty
People respond to the question, "What does it mean to be American?"
NBC video
Oh, say can you ... sing the U.S. anthem?
Some can sing it well -- and some not. Either way, it’s fun to see them try.

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