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Meeting with Apple representatives in New York last week, I warned I had a long list of “Wish List” items. These hoped-for features run the gamut, ranging from the gadget itself to email capabilities to the embedded iPod.

Though they wouldn’t comment on individual wish list items specifically, they drove home the point that downloadable updates work wonders, and except for a couple items below, it’s my guess that nearly all of my items can and will be addressed with future fixes.

Once you've read our suggestions for future features, let us know what you'd like to see Apple integrate into iPhone.

  1. Phone: The iPhone needs a contact lookup feature. Other cell phones offer users the ability to tap out the first few letters of a name and see matches. The iPhone offers contact lookup when creating an SMS text message or email, so why not with phone calls?
  2. Copy and Paste: There is no cut, copy, and paste. Insert the feature here, please.
  3. Hotkey: On a future version of iPhone, a hotkey, below the volume control, could do different things in different applications: Press it in Camera to take a picture, or hold it down for 2 seconds in Phone and to activate voice dialing. When typing, users could hold down the hotkey and drag fingertip over text to activate a cut, copy and paste pop-up menu. You get the idea.

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