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Submitted by Gordon Feliciano
Our daughter Kiley getting ready to do some snorkeling before the sun sets at Ke 'e beach at Ha'ena State Park on the north shore of Kauai. This is the northern most point on the island that can be reached by automobile.
Submitted by Joel Anderson
A photo of my daughter Kelsie playing in the sand at Kure Beach, NC.
Submitted by Eleanor Dela Cruz
Lukas and Snooby at Camayan Beach in Subic Freeport, Zambales, Philippines
Submitted by Vickie Honchen
Our soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, Corkey, taking a dip on hot afternoon.
Submitted by Anonymous
Playing in the ocean!
Submitted by MJ Wynne
Even the teenagers like to build sand castles at Gulf Shores, AL.
Submitted by Les Pratt
cool in tha pool
Submitted by Nikki Knowler
A five year old, Sea Monster emerges from the depths...
Submitted by Daniel Decker
Taken in Surfside Texas this year on our family vacation. I was driving the beach and found this. I guess the owner took a break.
Submitted by Don Smith
Jonathan Larmore, age 3, shows the bigger kids how easy it is to wakeboard at Lake Wawasee in Indiana.
Submitted by Brandi Munger
Ayden's sandy feet at Mission Beach in San Diego
Submitted by Melissa Kurdek
beach at night
Submitted by Anonymous
Almost got it!
Pacific Beach, San Diego Vacation
Submitted by Michelle Leach
5:30am at Rehoboth Beach, DE
Submitted by Anonymous
"Paradise in Punta Cana"
Submitted by Jennifer Lober
My husband Steve and I in Montego Bay Jamaica for our 3 year wedding anniversary.
Submitted by Scott Messier
Greyson Messier at Baby Beach Kauai
Submitted by Robinette Bluhme
Submitted by Laura Rowinski
It's a couch with a view! Located on Mission Beach in San Diego.
Submitted by Anonymous
Sweats of bubbles
Submitted by Mickey Kosloff
My 2 year old daughter and my wife, at the North Carolina beach.
Submitted by Cecelia McCarthy
A very long day at the beach, taking a break from chasing the "chicken"
Submitted by Liz Fidler
Carmel By The Sea, Ca
This is my 10 year old son Dalton. This picture was taken at Clearwater Beach Florida. It was his first time to see the ocean. He wanted his mother and I to bury him in the sand after he had collected a bucket of small sea shells.
Submitted by Melonie Griesmer
My surfer - Jake Siesta Key, Fl
Submitted by Mina Truda
We visited beautiful Oak Island, NC this past June. It was the first time my 4 month old son Grayson put his feet in the sand and felt the ocean.

Submitted by Amanda Voelkel
Submitted by Anne Holland
Salt Creek (Laguna Niguel, CA) surfers with sand castle.
Submitted by Charles Adkins
This is just one of the breathtaking views from Pacific Coast Highway. The stretch from Monterey to Big Sur is spectacular and featured in many of Thomas Kincaids paintings.
Submitted by Danette Auxier
Dilllon and Dallas hanging loose in Hawaii
Submitted by Anonymous
Sunset Mission Beach San Diego California
Submitted by Carla June Bekkerus
This photo was taken in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was a lot of fun to bury my older son. See the joy on the younger one's face?
Submitted by Dennis Brough
Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington
Submitted by Isaac Brunell
View of the beach in the Dominican Republic. Looking north east.
Submitted by Lynn Bucko
Brother's playing at the beach, Galveston Texas
Submitted by Thom Cahir
My two son's, Ian (standing) and Dylan, striking a Captain Morgan pose on a boat beached in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We visited there right after they got out of school this year in late june into early July.
Submitted by James Cairns
Boogie Board Bonzia !!
Submitted by Robin Casey
pictures from our home on Sunset Point, Harpswell, Maine
Submitted by Anonymous
7 year old Michele digging in the sand on the Beach in Wildwood Crest.
Submitted by Anonymous
Wedding Day - Avalon, NJ
Submitted by alysia cotter
Submitted by Jennifer Cribari
My son Andrew enjoying a day at Fenwick Island beach.
Submitted by Rhonda Dohna
An acrobat in training I guess! Taken at Oceanside beach in California. June 2007.
Submitted by Tom Drolet
"A walk in the sand". This is one of my favorite photos from a few years ago. My wife and son hand-in-hand walking along the beach in Kapalua Maui Hawaii.
Submitted by Anonymous
James (14 months old) had his first experience tip-toeing into the ocean on the 4th of July at Westport, WA. He'd only just learned to walk in the weeks prior and I was surprised when he immediately decided that sand and water felt good on his feet.
Submitted by Katie Fish
Me being smushed by some big orange goggles on my friend Jess...
Submitted by Elizabeth Gamache
Just having some good fun in the hot Sand Dunes in Colorado.
Submitted by Scott Gardner
Walk on Beach
Submitted by Scott Gillingham
Our 11 daughter took this picture from the deck of the cabin at Pelican Lake, Manitoba.
Submitted by David Goodwin
Carlsbad, CA
Submitted by Aaron Gotthardt
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, great view from my frinds open air living room that went great with a cervesa and a guitar!
Submitted by Ken Gregory
Java Bean is a happy dog in Carova Beach, N.C.
Submitted by Michelle Harden
Submitted by Anne Holland
Salt Creek (Laguna Niguel, CA) surfers with sand castle.
Submitted by Amber Holmes
This was Eli's first time on the beach. (Newport Beach, CA) Eli is 14 months and couldn't have loved it more!
Submitted by Diane Hovey
The Quiet Side of the Island....yes you can truly find your own peaceful secluded beach on Oahu, Hawaii
Submitted by RICK LANTIGUA
Submitted by Deborah Krupa
The Shores of Oneida Lake, Cicero, NY 6-29-07 My son Mike and his lovely bride Meghan
Submitted by Laura Lumley
My sons running down North Myrtle Beach in June.
Submitted by Michelle Marley
Surfers at Manresa State Beach, CA
Submitted by Ted Martinez
Beach in Ixtapa
Submitted by Judson Maurer
No it's not a postcard. This is one of the mpst beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I took the photo with my Fuji Finepix camera right of the PCH in Big Sur.
Submitted by Tanya Merchant
My son's first trip ever to the beach. My husband and I took our baby to Sandbridge in Virginia Beach to avoid the larger crowds near the boardwalk. He loved the feel of the wind in his face and was fascinated by the ebb and flow of the waves.
Submitted by Eloy Nunez
Sunset over Kaanapali Beach, Maui
Submitted by Anonymous
Submitted by Anonymous
Wading in Virgin Island's fine, white sand
Submitted by Cortney Peterson
My daughter sea gazing on the beach in Hilton Head, SC.
Submitted by Cortney Peterson
My two children and a friend's daughter playing the day away jumping waves at Hilton Head, SC.
Submitted by Anonymous
Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica
Submitted by Anonymous
An idyllic beach in Ambergris Caye, Belize
Submitted by Anonymous
Relaxing On the Beach
Submitted by Greg Riegler
The essence of summer is 4th of July. What better way to celebrate than on a beach before the fireworks. Lil Miss Liberty
Submitted by Anonymous
My granddaughter and grandson soaking in the beauty and wonder of the ocean.
Submitted by Meredith Rowden
Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii
Submitted by Christine Runge
After posing for countless individual, family and group shots, my daughter and nieces were free to express themselves. The beach was their runway! They finally struck their favorite, a Charlie's Angels pose.
Submitted by Jim Schaeffer
Summer on South Padre Island, Texas
Submitted by Annie Schoenhardt
Ooops, dropped it again!
Submitted by Tony Scott
My Son Drew testing the water at the beach... Orange Beach, AL
Submitted by Jesse Slater
flipping at Newport Beach
Submitted by Jacob Slater
up to my ears in sand at Newport Beach!!
Submitted by Brenden Stanko
Fun in the Sun, Cousins play at Couer d' Alene, Idaho
Submitted by Jennifer Storms
9 month old Cameron on his first trip to the beach in SC!
Submitted by Rebecca Stover
My daughter Ashlee doing back flips on the North Shore of Hawaii
Submitted by Robby Tucker
Playa Wizard in Bocas del Toro, Panama. This beach is only accessible by a 30 minute hike through the jungle or by taking a local launch from the bay side or another island. Notice that it is nearly deserted...usually is.
Submitted by Michael Urick
My girls enjoying a Ventura beach
Submitted by Anonymous
Boracay Island, Philippines
Submitted by Amanda Voelkel
Submitted by Kaydee Watson
Sandy Beach, Oahu Hawaii - Photo taken by Kaydee Watson
Submitted by Terri Weeks
My daughters on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Submitted by Melinda Yoas
During our youngest son's first trip to the Pacific Ocean, dad thought it would be cute to bury the little guy up to his belly button. All was fun until I brought out the camera while he was trying to figure out how to dig himself out with a stick.


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