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Exclusive interview with Gordon Brown

Murdoch deal with Dow looks done

What caused Roberts' seizure?

Sen. Ted Stevens under investigation

Meltdown at Northwest Airlines

Tiny Louisiana town torn by racial strife

Urban farmers take 'home grown' to heart

Monday, July 30
Chief Justice suffers seizure
FDA panel says Avandia should stay on market
A change of course from across the pond?
Is corruption undermining Iraq effort?
Bush hopes arms deal will end Iraq crisis
Remembering Tom Snyder, 1936-2007
Battling the 'worst weed'
Family takes on a whole new meaning

Links & Extras
‘Untouchable’ corruption in Iraqi agencies
Avandia should stay on market, FDA says
Are you concerned about safety?
Reports of diabetes drug's side effects triple
FDA to ask panel if Avandia should be pulled
Older, cheaper diabetes drugs good as new
Remembering Tom Snyder, 1936-2007
Snyder discusses meeting KISS
Snyder on 'The Colorcast'
Snyder interviews Alfred Hitchcock
Fighting a swamp thing in Texas
Learn more about the 'worst weed'

Sunday, July 29
Bush meets with new British prime minister
Iraqis unite in celebrating soccer victory
Last week’s Wall Street drop
Tour de France ends with trail of scandal
Stranded Palestinians allowed home to Gaza
Communities crack down on dangerous dogs
Cuba ’s beat goes on
Hold up! What's behind the rash of robberies?
Inside the 'Nightly' mailbag

Saturday, July 28
General worries about withdrawal
Mountain gorillas bring prosperity
Home invasion has residents on edge
Chase coverage turns deadly
Cheney gets his battery changed
Poor pine for boost in food stamps
Clinton tries the feminine touch
Controversial Mideast arms deal

Friday, July 27
Missing children billboards go mobile
Another rough ride on Wall Street
Does NASA have a drinking problem?
Attorney General Gonzales still embattled
Ahhh... refreshing tap water!
Was Pat Tillman murdered?
Bank robberies on the rise
Inside the 'Nightly' mailbag

Links & Extras
NASA let drunk astronauts fly
News choppers crash; 4 dead
Aquafina to tell water's source -- tap
Bank robberies on the rise, FBI says | Blog
From Thursday's broadcast: Cat seemingly predicts impending death

Thursday, July 26
What's up with the financial and housing markets?
Democrats go head-to-head with Bush
Town told immigration laws overstepped
Congress investigates human trafficking claims
Professional athletes are setting no example
Soldier goes to war after winning big battle
Miami's housing bubble pops painfully
Cat seemingly predicts impending death

Wednesday, July 25
Items in carry-on bags raise alarms
A call for better care for military personnel
Are your friends making you fat?
Democratic frontrunners get tough
Number of Hispanic evangelicals growing

Links & Extras
Are terrorists rehearsing a U.S. airline attack?
TSA government advisory (PDF)
Are terrorists rehearsing a U.S. attack?

Existing home sales keep falling
Discuss: Has the housing market hit bottom?
Home loan demand drops to 5-month low Your best friend could be making you fat
Read the full study
Vote: Does your best friend make you fat?
75 percent of Americans overweight by 2015
No love handles now? Give it a few years
'Fat tax' could save thousands of lives each year

Southern Europe bakes in second heat wave
Photos: Region swelters through heat, fires

Our series 'Faith in America'
A new effort to get men to church
Americans share their faith in Mexico

Tuesday, July 24
Troops to stay in Iraq through '09?
Are terrorists rehearsing a U.S. attack?
Katrina doctor cleared of murder charges
Detroit's hurry-up effort to go green
Experienced surgeons count in prostate surgery
A new effort to get men to church
40 years after the Detroit riots

Links & Extras
Prostate surgery — pick an experienced surgeon
Read the full study
Are terrorists rehearsing a U.S. airline attack?
TSA government advisory (PDF)
Detroit going green — too little too late?
GM seeks green jolt with green Volt
Newsweek: Can GM’s electric car go the distance?
40 years after Detroit riots
Blog: Return to Motown

Monday, July 23
Central Britain swamped by floods
Has company bilked taxpayers in Katrina cleanup?  
Urgent warning issued by FDA  
Do soft drinks increase heart disease risk?  
Testing an alternative to nursing home care  
No more bullfighting in Spain?  
Americans share their faith in Mexico

Links & Extras

Flooding wreaks havoc in Britain
Study: Rain changes largely due to humans
Floods fit into global warming scenarios
Check weather and forecasts around the world
Ex-FEMA chief profiteering on Katrina?
Read the complete NBC report
Statement from Gov. Blanco
Company responds to NBC questions
Company recalls 90 products due to botulism poisoning
Do softdrinks increase heart disease risk?
Read the study abstract
Bullfighting: Deadly dance of artistry or cruelty?

Sunday, July 22
U.S. remains vigilant in fight against al-Qaida
U.S. and Iran slated to meet over Iraq
What’s next for the U.S. economy?  
Palestinian shelter provides hope and home for women  
Remembering Tammy Faye Messner
Storm of criticism descends upon BBC  
Re-building the Army, one tire at a time

Saturday, July 21
Polyps found during president’s exam
Debates continue over war and terror threat
A war with no borders
Active duty troop families speak out
Referee betting charges rock NBA
Can America fix its aging infrastructure?
Congress aids in passport backlog
It was a magic moment for Potter fans everywhere

Friday, July 20
Can Musharraf survive trouble in Pakistan?
What does Pakistan unrest mean for the world?
What is the future of the war in Iraq?
Bush signs executive order on torture
Thriving, not just surviving, after cancer
This version of Harry Potter is Making a Difference

Links & Extras
Pakistan court reinstates suspended judge
Latest headlines from Southeast Asia
More young people surviving cancer
Survivor guide from Children's Oncology Group
Latest cancer news from MSNBC.com
Harry Potter debuts in Braille
Blog: A touch of reading
National Braille Press Web site
The latest Harry Potter news

Thursday, July 19
War weary Gates sobs through speech
U.S. general woos politicians
Man accused of trying to sell nuclear secrets  
Dow closes above 14,000 for first time  
N.Y. blast raises doubts about aging infrastructure  
Civilians buy military-style 'black rifles'  
FEMA still using toxic trailers  
Proposal unites symbiotic border towns

Links & Extras
Remembering Gen. Downing
Brian Williams: The General
Video memorial  
Your remembrances
Photos from the field
Jack Jacobs remembers Downing
Washington Post article on Downing's death

Wednesday, July 18
Runway was concern before Brazil crash
Dem's all-night war vote effort falls short
Were Iran captives forced to 'confess'?   
Breaches and leaks precede book release
Study: Genetic basis for restless leg syndrome   
Love of pets fuels big business   
Remembering Gen. Wayne Downing

Links & Extras
Senate Republicans defeat Iraq withdrawal bill
How many U.S. troops will remain in Iraq?
More troops in Iraq is an option, general says
Lawyer: Marine saw Haditha threats as real
Harry Potter distributor releases book early
Harry Potter didn't affect literacy  
Duchess of York tests your Potter skills  
Latest 'Potter' film does big box office
Your thoughts: Will Harry die in final book
Restless leg syndrome
Few had heard of syndrome before TV ads
No rest for the weary
American pet owners pay the price for health care
Latest news on pet health
Nutrition tips for pets
Summer safety tips for pets
Symptom solver

Tuesday, July 17
Another day, another record for Wall Street
U.S. security report highlights strengthening al-Qaida
Can al-Qaida members be rehabilitated?  
Understaffed FDA fails to check all imported food
Extra servings of veggies fail to prevent cancer  
Has Obama's campaign reached a plateau?  
Immigrants take classes to learn U.S. accent  

Links & Extras

Report: Al-Qaida eyes Iraq ties for U.S. attack
Interactive: The new war on terror
National Intelligence Estimate report (PDF)
What the blogosphere is saying about the NIE
Dow tops 14,000 for first time
Your thoughts: Will Dow end year above 14,000?
Study: Extra veggies fail to curb breast cancer risk
Read the complete study
Helpful cancer links
Interactive: Meals that heal
Immigrants try to get rid of their accents
Accent Reduction Institute

Monday, July 16
Landmark settlement in L.A. church sex scandal
Japan rocked by powerful earthquake
Does the U.S. have confidence in Iraq's Maliki?
Drought creates major concerns in California
Vitter makes public apology  
Did 9/11 create a culture of secrecy?  
Hospital installs electronic check-in kiosks

Sunday, July 15
Bush remains firm on Iraq
al-Maliki: Iraq able to secure country 
Another deadly day in Pakistan  
L.A. Archdiocese under pressure  
Harry Potter didn't affect literacy  
China’s field of dreams  
Beckhams: Coming to America

Saturday, July 14
Pressure increases to change the course
Iraq: Future looks dreary without American troops
U.K.: More must be done to fight terrorists
Paying tribute to Lady Bird
Changing immigration laws in Va.
Seeking soldiers – a military mission
A new side of Richard Nixon
Spreading the wealth

Friday, July 13
A year of over-the-counter 'morning after' pill
Adolescent birth rate at all-time low
Ambushed U.S. troops kill six Iraqi police
Clinton pulls out all stops
Nation facing shortage of police recruits
Suspicion for Muslim-American doctors?
Is John McCain's campaign out of gas?

Thursday, July 12
Reality check on al-Qaida threat
Bush defends war strategy after mixed report 
California hit hard with foreclosures
Lady Bird Johnson, First 'green' Lady 
Moms struggle between family and career
Wife honors fallen husband by joining Army
BBC apologizes to Queen Elizabeth II

Wednesday, July 11
Remembering Lady Bird Johnson
Was the pizza-bomb victim in on it?
Are safety stats being manipulated by air traffic officials? 
A risky proposition in Iraq 
Chertoff explains 'gut feeling' comment
Lady Bird's legacy

Tuesday, July 10
Bush refuses to listen to calls for change
Former U.S. surgeon general speaks out
Does the U.S. doubt Pakistan's Musharraf?  
Lycopene letdown?  
Young Iraqi refugees forced into prostitution  
Has your office gone green?  
Bonds won't be first record-breaker booed

Monday, July 9
Is President Bush's Iraq policy at a tipping point?
Pressure builds on the Bush administration
Wildfires continue to threaten Western U.S.  
Soaring heat creates power problems out east
War unites two women in unlikely fashion  
Will the Boeing 787 redefine air travel?  
Warming threatens Great Barrier Reef

Sunday, July 8
Wildfires surge
Heat advisories say to stay cool and conserve
Airlines lining up for Boeing's new 787  
More Republicans want Bush to change Iraq course  
New Orleans gets help from a new kind of pioneer  
Pitching America's pastime in Israel  
Retired health care pros go from boredom to charity

Saturday, July 7
Killer heat grips Western states
Landscape of terror changing in Iraq
Terror threat in U.K., elsewhere remains high
British Muslims becoming radicalized
A musical call to arms
Did your cancer risk just increase?
Immigration fast-track slows for thousands
Triple sevens have couples feeling lucky
A glimpse into the world of the new rich

Friday, July 6
U.S. connection discovered in U.K. terror plot
Missile fired at plane of Pakistan's president
Officials dismiss threat against Goldman Sachs  
Heat wave continues to grip Western U.S.  
A storm brews at the National Hurricane Center  
U.S. faces dangerous shortage of nurses  
Woman leaves Wall Street to teach convicts  
A glimpse into the world of the new rich

Thursday, July 5
Air travel delays on the rise
Dangerous heat wave grips Western U.S.
U.S. troops linked to Iraqi prisoner deaths  
Study shows women, men equally chatty  
Surge in U.S. citizenship applications  
Car sharing saves more than just money

Wednesday, July 4
New details in U.K. terror plots
Celebrating the birth of our nation
Bush’s holiday plea for patience
Fourth of July in Baghdad  
Celebrating on the frontlines of Afghanistan
Freed journalist recounts ordeal  
Supporting the troops  
A playground for all children

Tuesday, July 3
Doctors' trail of terror
President Bush refuses to rule out Libby pardon
What will be President Bush's legacy?
Meeting al-Qaida's terrorists-in-waiting
Fireworks in a tinderbox this Fourth of July
Americans leave vacation days unused
School uses computers to reboot rural town

Monday, July 2
Bush commutes Libby sentence
Terror cell of made up mostly of doctors
No specific al-Qaida threats against U.S.  
A look inside al-Qaida  
Obesity linked to stress and junk food  
Obama sets fund-raising record  
Walgreens reaps benefits of 'disabled' workforce

Sunday, July 1
New details on U.K. terror suspects
Fifth suspect arrested in U.K. terror plot
U.S. ‘comfortable’ with tightened security  
Can Bush warm relations with Putin?  
Flooding continues in Texas, Oklahoma  


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