Submitted by Anonymous
STS 118 Launch View from KSC
Submitted by Scott Hatten
Picture shot from Historic Cocoa Beach, FL
Submitted by Eric Lowrey
STS-117 Atlantis Liftoff on 6/08/07. Taken From the Merrit Island Brige area using a Cannon EOS Rebel XTi
Submitted by Celeste McWilliams
The vapor trail from space shuttle Atlantis, launch date 06/08/2007. Photo taken by Celeste McWilliams. Photo taken from Cocoa Beach FL.
Submitted by Matt Schmitt
Endeavor's trail shortly after she seperated her SRB's.
Submitted by RAKESH SHAH
STS-117 Picture taken from Titusville, FL
Submitted by Gary Maleski
launch in 2000
Submitted by Joe marchese
Shuttle launch as it forms a HEART with the clouds.... or for Disney Fans, a Hidden Mickey.
Submitted by Lisa Golden
This was taken about an hour after liftoff several miles from the launch site. The leftover trail from the shuttle can be seen as it twists and turns in the twilight sky with Venice framed in the middle.
Submitted by Martin Schroeck
Smoke trail of space shuttle Discovery during mission STS-102, early morning of March 8, 2001
Submitted by David Latchum
Taken from Osteen, Florida morning of 3-8-2001, shuttle "Discovery"
Submitted by John Marasco
June 8, 2007 - Atlantis launch. An awesome event we were lucky enough to be able to drive to Titusville and experience. The picture was captured by my wife (Kristine) while I watched the launch with our two children: Brennan (4) and Corin (7).


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