Bentley is the best friend a girl could ask for. He's very intuitive when it comes to people's feelings. He's such a comfort when you're down...he'll just nuzzle with you. He's happy and playful when you are...and sometimes very mischevious! He's just the best dog in the whole world!
Submitted by Cristina Alonso
My pet's name was Honey. This picture was particularly difficult to take because he didn´t like to be hugged. I only had a few seconds to pose with him. He recently died of cancer and when I took him to the vet. I lifted him and hugged him while we were waiting for the doctor to arrive to put him to sleep. He let me hug him because he couldn't move. He was stiff and couldn't walk. Honey taught me not to be so selfish. I had him when I was 15 and died a month ago at the age of 11. I miss him! He waited for me to graduate to leave. He died 4 days after my graduation.
Submitted by Rich Bailey
Sam the Boston terrier running happily. Sam is a 1 year old Boston with enough energy for 10 dogs.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Miss Baby. She is such a social butterfly. I have always been painfully shy and found it difficult to start conversations with people. Since I have had Baby, that has all changed. She loves attention from everyone. When we go on walks, she will pull me towards any person within sight. She has forced me to be more open and talkative with people I don't know. She is a great ice breaker.
Submitted by Ashley Brandt
This is a picture of my barn cat Scout! She was is 1 of 5 cats that my family rescused from a research lab. When we first got the cats they did not know how to jump because they had been locked in cages their entire lives. As you can see, they are now living a happy life on the farm. This is a picture of Scout in the fishing boat--suppose she's going cat fishing?
Submitted by Louise Elly
Submitted by Jacklyn Chwalik
This is Bear sleeping on our bed! He is a 4yr old Black English Lab. Since Bear has come into our lives, my husband and I are even closer. We love taking walks together, running into the waves at the beach, and even snuggling together with our Bear. Since our two boys are young adults now, we have made Bear our new child!
Submitted by Ed Cardenas
The big one is Lucifer and the little one with the pointy ears is my Cleo, who died just over two weeks ago. They've taught me to value the time I have with those I care about because the end comes so blindingly fast and always too soon.
Submitted by Michelle Donati
Who gets more excited to try on get new clothes than me? That would be Meicko, my 2-year-old Chihuahua. Meicko doesn’t like many people – but the handful of people on his “good” side knows firsthand that his heart is much bigger than his five pound, 12 ounce body. I got “Meicks” from a friend who wasn’t home enough to take care of him. I went over to her house to see if we’d be compatible – as I’d never had a dog other than shared family pets growing up. Fifteen minutes later, I found myself walking down the stairs with Meicko nestled in my arms. I don’t know many people that can read m
Submitted by Chris Davis
This is my dog Beau. He is a five year old chocolate lab. We rescued him from a shelter after his previous owner hit him in the head with a shovel and blinded him. After that kid of abuse you would think he would have some type of behavior problems but he doesn't. He is the best dog I have ever met and shows such resiliency. He can do everything a dog with sight can, it just takes him a little longer. He plays fetch, we run races together and I am thinking of training him to be a bird dog.
Submitted by Leslie Woods
Bob- He is a wonderful fella, he never fails to greet everyone with a wagging tail and those big brown eyes gazing at you. He has made our lives more social and outgoing, becuase people always want to visit with him, and we frequently stop to talk more on walks than we used to. Bob is now 13 years old and gray, in failing health, but as sweet and happy as ever.
Submitted by MJ Wynne
Our dog, Pete, holding hands with one of the kids. Pete does more than just "shake a paw" - he will hold his paw there for as long as 15 minutes, just to "hold your hand". He shows unconditional love to our entire family, whether human, canine or feline.
Submitted by Shawn Taylor
This is Lilly, our beloved pomeranian. She loves chasing bees and this pictures captures it perfectly. It brings great joy to see her whimsical ways and makes you remember to stop your busy everyday life and enjoy simple little things.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my buddy Damien. He was the ring bearer in my wedding. He was actually my husband's wedding gift! Damien is a fully pedigreed Rottweiler. I purchases him when he was full grown, from a family who's baby had developed dog allergies. He's still with us, at the ripe old age of nine!
Submitted by Anonymous
In Jan. 1999 I became a “single mom” when I adopted my beloved Nutmeg Chessie Venters Valentine, my beagle daughter, from the local humane society. She has demonstrated unconditional love and taught me the meaning of true love and giving to others. Nutmeg has allowed me the opportunity to meet many new people. We visit nursing homes together so that the residents may pet her and she greets them with a smiling face and wagging tail. Nutmeg and I have made many friends as I push her in her hot pink stroller through the neighborhood. A couple of years ago I got married and it is only my husb
Submitted by Anonymous
Brandy came to us as a rescued stray 6 1/2 years ago. She has provided us with many hours of laughter and fun, and taught us how to adapt to her odd habits and temperment! She isn't crazy about our dog Eagle, but I suspect she likes him more than she lets on! She makes sure if he's not paying attention to her that she gets his attention, then runs away from him and swats him on the nose and yells at him! I think she enjoys it, or she wouldn't keep doing it!
Submitted by Janna Stewart
This is my dog, James Dean. He is a lover not a fighter and will prove it any chance he gets. I got James two years ago from the local humane society, and I can't imagine my life without him - he's the perfect guy! He loves long walks on the beach, enjoys a good cuddle, is well mannered, can walk without a leash and loves little kids. What more could I ask for?
Submitted by Bonney Powers
My best buddy Hercules. I have never had anyone get as excited to see me as he does. He twists, turns, jumps and whines.....pure love. It makes me smile every time I come home. We all need a Hercules in our life.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Arnie, I never in my life thought I could this attached to a dog, he has made me a better and more patient person. He is my baby.
Submitted by Anonymous
Jake, my 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie cross ... I found him near the corner of Wilshire and Farifax in March, 1997. When I found him, I was galloping racehorses, working a second job, and gallavating all hours of the night with my friends' bands. I was "burning the candle at both ends" and doing not-so-good things to keep pace. Jake taught me to slow down and laugh a lot. Jake moved with me from SoCal to Western Maine and from there to here, Southeast Louisiana. He makes Life fun.
Submitted by Molly Krugman
This is my baby Bailey. I got her as a puppy, and now she's about 30 pounds. She is my lifesaver. One night our kitchen caught on fire and everyone was sleeping. No one knew, but she ran into my room and jumped on my bed and started barking. Luckily everyone got out in time. Without her our house would have been destroyed, and I might not be here right now. She is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!
Submitted by charles hedbring
Coogee is my 30lb rat terrier service dog. As a 63 yr old man with a severe spinal cord (C5/C6) injury, Coogee is indispensable. Coogee ensures I am up by 6am, no matter how bad my 24/7 nerve pain is when I awake. He insists my naps are 30min long at max and is quick to gently paw my face should I dare oversleep. When some approaches he does not know, he barks and looks to the door; he also barks whenever I dar snore. If I drop something I can reach, he retrieves it. And yes, he requires that I cook for him 3 times a day -- great physical therapy to be sure. But I wish someone would tell h
Submitted by Robin Fulton
Maynard, my red ear slider water turtle. She come to you when you call her name, just like a dog will. She is a great pet....
Submitted by Pat Fitzpatrick
I adopted Tommy nearly two years ago from our local shelter. The vet guesses his current age to be 6. Tommy has a very distinctive purr - it's more of a "coo", similar to that of a pigeon. Tommy is lovable and social. He enjoys company and lets everyone know when he wants attention by crying at them. Tommy has brought unconditional love to me - he doesn't care if I'm cranky...he loves me anyway. He's the best thing that has happened to me in the past four I want to adopt a dog.
Submitted by Margie Cuevas
Apolo (l) and Logan. These brothers just love each other so endlessly that shoud one perish, the other will die of a broken heart immediately afterwards. Here they are, sunning themselves near the doorway on a hot (outside) cool (inside) summer day.
Submitted by Angelina Craig
Henri is a golden retriever who was rescued and adopted in Houston, Texas. He is fun-loving, smart and loyal. Everyone says he's lucky to have me, but I know I am the lucky one! He makes me laugh EVERY day. He's taught me to spend time with people who give and who are positive. I guess what I am saying is "think like a dog!".
Submitted by Amber Corduan
Mischa, a Whippet, is my baby. I got him at 8 weeks old, along with his sister, Anna. From day one, he always had his eye on me. As I moved around the room, he would always be watching me. He is my shadow. He follows me all over the house. I have participated in dog sports (Rally, Obedience, and Agility) with him, so our bond is even stronger. He's my smart, beautiful, sweet little boy and I love him to pieces!


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