Submitted by Jennifer Cipriani
This is a Holothele incei, a species of Tarantula. This particular spider is approximately 1.25 inches. It's fast, it's a prolific webber, it's aggressive and it's beautiful.
Submitted by Anonymous
These are my two turtles. The one on the right is suppose to be a red bellied cooter, but she's now all yellow on her belly. I call her Scooter (i thought she was a boy when i got her four years ago) The on the left is Skitso, names so because she freaks out if you walk past the tank, I've only had her about three 1/2 years and she still hasn't gotten use to me picking her up out of her tank and handeling her, she's a red eared slider.
Submitted by Billy Doran
This is Gus, a 61/2 foot Green Iguana, his favorite thing is lounging on the railing of my second floor condo in Vail, Colorado and his favorite food is Kraft Cheese Singles- as soon as he heard the crackle of the plastic wrap he'd jump off the deck- run into the house and right up the front of your shirt where he'd sit and gulp down pieces of cheese right out of your hand!
Submitted by Meghan Goyette
This is Brenda, my African Clawed Frog. I've had her for about 5 years now. We went to Walmart to get one of those little frogs for my fish tank and they messed up and gave us the wrong frog. We thought she looked different than the other frogs I had had in the past. Our suspicions were confirmed when my fish started to disappear. We went back to Walmart, looked at the tank and found out what kind of frog she was. As soon as we found out what she was, we went out and bought another tank just for her. She is a very happy frog (unless we're moving the tank or my cats are trying to play wi
Submitted by Geoffrey Graves
This is Creepers, I believe it is an O.vulgaris. Beautifull little creature with a TON of personality! Creepers will even play tug-o-war with your finger at feeding time. :)
Submitted by Leif Haugen
humu humu (aka picasso) trigger fish
Submitted by Angela Hubert
My Ecuadorian hermit crab, Shelly, exploring her tank.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is my centipede (Scolopendra heros). It has 42 legs and is 7" long not including the last pair or the antennae. He or she eats crickets and toddlers.
Submitted by Kevin Lear
Mango is our 4-year-old iguana. He loves to be pet and have his scales scratched, however I must reach out to him with food in hand first and then he will allow me to touch him. Otherwise his very thick 3 foot long tail will smack my hand without warning, leaving a mark which lasts at least a day!
Submitted by Tony Naples
Another picture of my turtle.
Submitted by John Noffsinger
My corn snake venus getting up close
Submitted by Julie Swedien Johnson
Opening night at Limelight Club in Chicago with my pet boa constrictor, Chase, in the VIP room. Chase got more attention than Andy Warhol that night. She lived to be 25 years old and just passed away. She had a stroke and was unable to eat. A great pet. Very sweet for a snake. She loved to climb on my head.
Submitted by ED tOMLINSON
Submitted by Michael Visconti
I saw your article about the gentleman who didn’t realize that Baboon spiders can be a bit “feisty”! I wanted to share an up close and personal shot of my Giant White Knee Tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata). This one’s on the friendlier side as far as arachnids go…!
Submitted by James Woods
This is a picture of my rose-hair Tarantula that just turned 5 years old.
Submitted by Brad Andresen
This is my 3 year old Iguana Moe. He enjoys sleeping in this somewhat precarious position!
Submitted by Andre Lamoine
This is my pet snake Pandora.She is a Columbian red tail boa.She is 4 years old and still growing.
Submitted by Anonymous
Greta the Iguana is 15 years old now and just as gorgeous as the first day I got her! She is about 5 feet long but only weights 4 pounds. It took about 5 years for us to get used to each other but now she will happily sit on my lap (while slyly looking for an escape route). Bread makes her absolutely crazy, she'll hang upside down to eat it from the bowl!
Submitted by Lynn Price
This is Dumpy the Tree Frog, already claiming his pumpkin for Halloween.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is our Bearded Dragon lizard, Spike. He is about 3 years old, and will jump for crickets!
Submitted by Anonymous
Nacon a six week old Coatimundi from South America
Submitted by Anonymous
My sugar glider Bril. Loves everyone, very playful, can glide from the top of the curtains to catch a thrown peanut or cricket. Softest animal in the world, barks like a tiny puppy when he wakes up and wants attention. Sabrina - OKC
Submitted by Joy Freeman
This is Samantha, my 17 year old red tailed boa. She is nearly 10 feet long. Samantha visits schools and clubs in our area to help others understand and appreciate reptiles.
Submitted by M Benson
This is Chloe our 7 year old miniature pot bellied pig. She weighs about 75lbs and is about 18 inches tall. When she's not snoozing she hangs around the kitchen waiting for a treat.
Submitted by Donna Ensign
Our Bearded Dragon. Twogog The Desert Warrior. Our family Icon.
Submitted by Anonymous
My beautiful ferret, Fergie, out for a walk. Never met a stranger. Very unusual coloring and deaf as a post. Most entertaining pet my husband and I have ever owned. She ferret dances and chatters alot. We love our little carpet shark! Sabrina - OKC
Submitted by Anonymous
Nhandu vulpinus / common name, Brazilian Giant Blond Maybe strawberry blonde !
Submitted by KJ Vezino
Eupalaestrus campestratus pink zebra beauty tarantula Here she's hamming it up for Christmas!


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