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Since they’re going to be the Class of 2015, we asked fifth-graders at the newly opened Langston Hughes Academy Charter School to tell us what their city will look like on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Their answers ran the gamut from hopeful to uncertain — but all were in agreement on one thing. New Orleans does have a future.

Here is a sample of the responses in their own words:

“New Orleans will look like they never had a storm. ... The roads will be smooth as a whistle. The houses will never rotten. the houses will never fall. ... The fire station will be fixed, the police envestigation system will be fixed, the hospitals will be fixed too.”

— Ferlin Carr, 10, who lives in the 9th Ward.

“There would be a new and better mayor, that would make sure that we all are safe and protected. All our tourist atrakions would have more people visiting them.”

— Kayla Brissette, age 10, New Orleans East.

“In two thousand fifteen there will be a prison break out. The sun will start to die. The arctic will start to melt. ... In two thousand fifteen I will be working on my degree in forensic science. In New Orleans you will see all the rebuilding in our city.”

— Damon Brumfield Jr., 10, New Orleans East.

“Cars will use cooking oil to fly. All of the 5th graeders in school now will be in college of their choose. Hopefully their would be a cure for AIDS.”

— Alexas Brittany Jones-Guss, 10, Gentilly.

“New Orleans will look like a wounderful place to be in it will have Spanisha, Black and white ... New Orleans will be the place to live every one getting along no one hitting people it will be as good as possible.”

— Arnecteria McPherson, 10, Uptown.

“We need a president that Just won’t help some people and Then just go on a vacatioin. He/She needs to help everyone.”

— Jere Lang, 10, 10th Ward.

“Everything is going to be up agin. No shooting and no Fighting. We are going to respect all people Ideas. ... I’ am going to be a star And play for Saitis (the Saints).”

— Gregory Austin Jr., 10, Treme.

“Sky scrapers will be high and all over the city. The streets will never clear and will never be silent.”

— Aaren Thompson, 10, Gentilly.

“I believe in 2015 New Orleans would be better than what it is today. Lots of schools will be open, businesses would be open and homes would be rebuild. Peoples lives will continue.... Lots of people think we can’t be joyful or rebuild. We can do what helps this city. This city alway’s be here. Terrorist and Hurricanes they can’t steal our joy and our pride.”

— Desmond Barthelemy, 10, New Orleans East.

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